Dexter’s fatherly instincts might be the end of him yet. At least if this episode is any indication. 

We picked up right where the last episode left off. Travis is still chained to the floor, Gellar’s victim. Dexter releases him and gets him to a hotel room where Gellar won’t find him. Together, they plan to track down Gellar and take him down.

First, though, they need to find his next victim. Dexter finds the phrase 2 lot on a painting, which leads him to a man named Professor Casey. 

He’s a sassy, angry atheist who teaches anti-creationism. Of course, Gellar doesn’t like him.

Dexter and Travis race to get to Casey to warn him. But Casey is far too used to getting death threats. He calls Dexter crazy and sends him away.

By the time Dexter and Travis reach him, it’s too late. Professor Casey is found later, booby-trapped to drop buckets of blood on Dexter and the Miami Metro.

If Dexter didn’t already want to kill Gellar, this might have pushed him over the top.

It’s a good thing Deb’s seeing a therapist. 

Speaking of therapists, Deb’s is doing her all kinds of good. Though I imagine she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. Every time she talks Deb through one traumatic event, another one comes up. “Oh, didn’t I mention I was engaged to a serial killer who happened to be my adopted brother’s biological brother? How about the fact that my last boyfriend, who was twice my age, was shot right in front of me?”

I wouldn’t have blamed the therapist if she’d bowed out right there. Honestly, Deb needed to be seeing someone a long time ago.

After the discovery of Professor Casey, Travis receives a message from Gellar, painted over his bathroom walls, telling him to bring Dexter to the church. 

Together, they arrive at the church at night. Dexter has his syringe in hand. He’s more than ready to deal with Gellar. 

Travis is ready too. He faces off with his old mentor. But when Dexter arrives, Travis is out cold on the floor. Dexter heads for the church’s basement. What he finds there was a twist so insane that it took me a few minutes to realize what I was seeing. 

I wouldn’t dare ruin it for you, but it’s killer. 

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