The episode in which we get answers to our darkest questions and an ending to Maryann’s reign.

The Wedding

We open with Maryann and her lackies surrounding Sookie, forcing her to put on a bridesmaid dress for the ceremony. Maryann is wearing Gran’s wedding dress, which clearly upsets Sookie for good reason. Maryann explains to Sookie that sacrificing Sam will make her soon-to-be husband Dionysus show up.

Andy and Jason arrive to the house, thinking they’re going to save the day but are easily turned into black-eyed creatures as well.

The egg we saw Tara and Eggs nesting at the end of the last episode is placed into the rotting meat altar, where Maryann explains that it is an ostrich egg. It symbolizes fertility.

Meanwhile, at the Queen’s Palace…

Sophie-Anne confronts Eric about Bill’s knowledge of his sale of V. We learn that the queen herself is having Eric sell the V. Eric promises to “take care of Bill himself.” Uh oh. We do wonder why Sophie-Anne is having Eric sell V. There must be some reason behind this.

The Ruse

Bill arrives to take possession of Sookie and watches on as Sam sacrifices himself. Eggs takes a knife and stabs Sam in the chest. Sookie is grief-striken. She reads Sam’s mind, where he is barely hanging on. He tells her to destroy everything.

Sookie smashes the rotting meat altar and Maryann chases her into the woods, turning into the creature with the pronged hands. A bull emerges from the woods. Maryann instantly forgets about Sookie and greets her husband, ecstatic to see her sacrifice worked. She presents herself, saying she is happy to die for him. The bull stabs her with his horn, and as she is dying, Sam morphs from the bull back into his human form.

We knew Bill and Sam had a plan all along. RIP to Gran’s wedding dress though. Bill had made the plan with Sam to feed him his blood and heal him after he was stabbed so that he could transform and trick Maryann into being killed.

Egg’s Dilemma

As the townspeople pick themselves back up and put Bon Temps back together, Eggs is struggling with the crimes he knows (but doesn’t really know) he’s committed. He asks Sookie to help him remember, as she did for Tara. It works, and Eggs is distraught. We knew all along that Eggs was doing the murdery deeds for Maryann, but Eggs is torn up over it. He confronts Andy about it holding a knife, and begins to look off the rails. Jason walks in on the scene and shoots Eggs. Andy takes the gun and tells Jason to leave and pretend he was never there. The townspeople and Tara come out of Merlotte’s after the shots and find Eggs dead at Andy’s feet.

Sam’s Family

Sam visits his adopted family that abandoned him. He asks to know who his parents are. His adopted mother is hesitant, saying she promised not to reveal such information. Sam’s adopted father slips him a note with an address and an apology.

The Proposal

As the town heals, Bill takes Sookie out to a fancy French dinner. He has rented the entire restaurant. He proposes to Sookie, who is unsure what to say. She needs to think on it, so she goes to the bathroom. She comes out yelling, “Yes, I will marry you Bill Compton!” to find Bill is gone and the restaurant shows that there was a struggle.

This episode ends the town’s struggle with Maryann but brings new issues to the forefront. How will Tara deal with losing Eggs? Who is Sam’s family and why is it such a secret? Did Eric kidnap Bill to “take care” of him?

Stay tuned!

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