Alright, that’s a title for an episode. It tells a whole story by itself, doesn’t it?

So far, this season of American Horror Story has been fairly straightforward. A cult leader wants to take over the world, and he’s starting with a city council position. He and his band of killer clowns are striking fear in the hearts of peaceful citizens everywhere. 

Ah, but now it’s time for the twist.

Evan Peters as Andy Warhol in American Horror Story Cult

Meadow is dead, and Ally’s been arrested for the shooting at Kai’s rally. No surprise, this event is enough to skyrocket him to the top of the polls and win him the election.

Now that he’s got his seat on the council, he’s also getting a following. Young men are flooding in from all over the country to become part of his army. And suddenly Beverly, and all the women of the cult, are finding themselves unwelcome in Kai’s inner circle. 

Beverly is approached by an older woman named BeBe Babbott. She tells Beverly all about a woman whose name you might well know, Valerie Solanas.

If you don’t know, Valerie Solanas attempted to murder Andy Warhol. 

BeBe explains that she was part of Valerie’s SCUM group. That’s the society for cutting up men, and it’s a very real historical thing

BeBe tells the girls that after Valerie was imprisoned, SCUM continued her mission. They started couple busting, which meant murdering people who were out on dates. People parked in Lover’s Lanes, like David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. 

If those names sound familiar, you might be a crazy true crime fan like me. Because those are the first two victims of the infamous Zodiac Killer. 

Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas in American Horror Story Cult.

Of course, this history lesson just widens the divide between the men and the women in our cult. And when you start to get this sort of divide, someone’s going to fall in. 

This, I expected. What I didn’t expect, didn’t even guess, was that Kai would be behind this as well. As he seems to be behind everything. 

This was classic American Horror Story at its best. We had some history. We had some gore. We had some mind-altering revelations and last-minute surprises. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell is going to happen next. 

And that’s how I like it. I do not know where this is going. I don’t know who the characters should trust. I don’t know what Kai’s end game is. I don’t know who the real bad guys are. The only way to tell is to keep tuning in. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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