The legend of Bloody Mary is as old as sleepovers themselves. If one was to collect every Bloody Mary story in television and print, they’d be at that task for a long time. 

So when I say that this episode of American Horror Stories felt fresh, despite the overuse of this character, take that for the monumental praise it is.

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This week’s story is about four teenage girls, hanging out together and playing Bloody Mary. Bianca, played by Quvenzhane Wallis, isn’t interested in this game. But her older sister Maggie, played by Kyla Drew, pressures her into participating.

Each of the four girls manages to summon Bloody Mary on her own. And each girl makes a deal with her for money or fame or to get back with their ex. But, in return, they’re asked to do horrible things.

Bianca is asked to accuse her guidance counselor of raping her. Another girl is asked to drop a fellow cheerleader on her head, crippling her. A third, Lena, is tasked with leaking nude pictures of a rival girl on the internet.

Bianca’s older sister won’t say what was asked of her. 

Kyanna Simone and Raven Scott in American Horror Stories

The four of them agree that they won’t be doing what was asked of them. But soon Bloody Mary starts to haunt them. It’s no longer a matter of getting their wishes in exchange for horrific acts of cruelty. It’s a matter of surviving. 

The girls start digging into the history of Bloody Mary, trying to find a way to destroy her. Before they get too far, though, one of the girls is found dead in her bathroom, her eyes gouged out. 

This episode of American Horror Stories wasn’t a complete slam dunk. There was some reliance on old tropes, like having a teacher conveniently drop information related to mirrors. That took up time that could have been used better. I also think the pacing could have been better, especially early in the episode. But it wasn’t enough to ruin the episode. 

Overall, this was a fun take on an old story. Proving once again that anything old can be made new again when put into the right hands.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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