I feel bad for both of the Morgans in this episode. Neither one of them are in an enviable position.

Let’s start with Deb. She’s just been promoted to lieutenant and at possibly the worst time. Many people know how much it sucks to get promoted and be your friends’ boss. Now imagine doing that, but having to deal with dead people strapped to four horses.

Well, one dead person cut up and sewn together with mannequin parts.

For some reason, it’s the new detective who pieces together that this is all from Revelations. Mike, Deb’s first hire, is strangely knowledgeable about Revelations. At least in comparison to the other detectives. He’s also a huge pain in the ass. At one point he thinks it’s appropriate to tell Deb she’s not dressing professionally enough. It’s almost like he thinks he’s the boss and she’s the new guy. 

Dexter isn’t being much help. But that’s because Harrison is sick. It starts with some stomach problems. Then it gets much worse. Poor Harrison’s appendix bursts and he has to have emergency surgery.

I suppose if Dexter is going to find God, he’ll do it in the waiting room of a children’s hospital. 

Sam comes to sit with him and talk about God. And, when Dexter is terrified that his son might die, he prays. Maybe for the first time in his life.

Dexter is struggling with the sorrow and joy of faith. He realizes that while there are terrible things about religion, there are beautiful ones too. 

Let’s talk about the terrible ones for a moment longer. Because the cult of two is running into a problem. The younger man, Travis, finds himself distracted by a pretty waitress. As we all are from time to time. He takes a night off to go on a date with her. Apparently, neither of them like the third date rule, because they end up in bed together.

Travis should have known better. His night of passion ends with the poor young woman strapped up like an angel in a greenhouse, with a collar of spikes around her neck. 

I can’t imagine many working relationships could easily move past that sort of thing. But we’ll have to see. 

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