This is my second review exploring some of my favorite YouTube channels

If you want to explore the dark and macabre underpinnings of bygone eras and forgotten lore, Obsolete Oddity has you covered… I stumbled into this YouTube channel quite by happenstance, searching around in the dark recesses of the internet at 3 AM one morning after a bout of insomnia, and I was instantly transfixed.

So, what can you find there?… Well, to sum it up simply, Obsolete Oddity is kind of like the Travel Channel and the History Channel decided to go Goth and hang out with the Addams Family somewhere under the Hollywood vault in the Victorian catacombs. Thus it combines some of my passions together into a creepily captivating concoction of craziness.

Obsolete Oddity delves into fascinating histories and headlines, crafting beautifully montaged videos combining old photographs (some relevant, some random), computer animation, and a touch of the surreal with a nostalgic eye towards the macabre. The narration is interesting and winsome and envelopes the stories in an air of longing for what might have been as well as what was. Who couldn’t love a channel that celebrates deceased damsels, decadence, and decay, all wrapped up into one delightful dough? It holds the underpinnings of the best penny dreadful novel and will have you awaiting each new twist with bated breath.

Obsolete Oddity has touched upon all sorts of despairing tales of serial killers, murders, mysteries, and countless sad and somber stories of loves lost and woesome circumstances, with a little pop and pulp fiction mixed in for extra flavor. You may recall Carl Tanzler from my previous YouTube review of Ask a Mortician Iconic Corpses… Well now you can revisit this story from a totally different perspective with Obsolete Oddity which touches upon some of the romanticized phantasmagoria that surrounded the tale in the late 1940s and into its cult status (for better and for worse).

My personal favorite is the aforementioned The New York Socialite Who Lived in a Decaying Hotel Room for 24 years! – Ida Wood. I have even stayed at the Herald Square Hotel in New York City, though at the time I didn’t know of this history and I cannot imagine living there in isolation for 20+ years! And how can you possibly forget another terrifying tidbit: The Pickled Human Flesh Seller Karl Denke? There are just so many haunting histories…

But even despite my singing its praises, I will only give Obsolete Oddity 3.0 Cthulus.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

I thoroughly enjoy the narration and the images, and the stories are generally pretty captivating, but sometimes the animation is a bit much. And the sense of woe mixed with nostalgia to play upon the emotions becomes a bit too melodramatic at times, even for me. And I do love a good melodrama; so if this kind of flair isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll really want to sit this one out… Nonetheless, it’s great fodder for insomnia, like raiding the late night fridge buffet for fascinating fantasies and frights.

So succumb to the sensual and sinister series of unfortunate events that is Obsolete Oddity on YouTube. This is the real deal. Lemony Snicket, eat your heart out… literally… Because this crazy world is full of so many mysterious figures, deaths and unexplained horrors, and so much wacky and wild weirdness to explore.

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