Episode two of Dexter managed to do something important right off the bat. Something that, without which, the show wouldn’t have been able to survive. 

It made the main character, a psychotic serial killer, charming. 

We start with Dexter taking in a sunny day swimming. A group of dumb kids come by on a speedboat and spray him with water. He muses that he’s often a monster. But today, he’s only a sea monster. Or, is it see monster? It’s a cute play on words, as he floats around resembling a crocodile. Which is the name of the episode. 

The ice truck killer is still around, still mocking Dexter and the police. He leaves a block of ice with five perfect fingertips, each painted a different color.

The same way as the nails on the doll in Dexter’s fridge. 

While Deb and Dexter hunt the ice truck killer for very different reasons, another killer is introduced. Well, two killers. One is a cartel drug lord that ordered the deaths of an undercover cop and his wife. The man’s wife, coincidentally, was having an affair with Detective Doakes. So he’s no longer the angry detective who hates Dexter. He’s also the sad man in love with a married woman who is now dead. 

While the precinct deals with losing one of their own, Dexter is hunting. His target is a man who killed a teenage boy while driving drunk. 

The killer cried crocodile tears on the stand and got away scot-free. But he didn’t get away from Dexter, hehehe.

Listening to Dexter’s internal monologue is hilarious. I mentioned him calling himself a sea (see) monster. Later in the episode, he says, “If God is in the details, and if I believed in God, then He’s here in this room with me. I just wish He’d brought an extension cord.” For someone who is talking to literally no one, he’s hilarious. 

The internal monologue is also really, really sad. Early in the episode, Dexter says that he’s having a good day. He relishes these days when he doesn’t have that drive, that need to kill. It feels very much like he regrets being the monster that he sees himself as. He’d like to be like other people. But he doesn’t have the tools available to him. I don’t even think he believes these tools exist. 

He’s such an endearing killer. 

I hope you’re enjoying the series so far. Stay tuned as we go through the entire series, episode by episode. 

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