This is the second to last episode of the first season. So it’s time for basically everything in Dexter’s life to go straight to Hell. 

And it has. 

Let’s start with Angel. After being attacked by the Ice Truck Killer. He’s in critical condition but recovering in the hospital. He thinks his marriage is recovering too, poor guy.

Dexter was waiting at the hospital for his friend to recover. But as soon as he finds out that Angel’s going to make it, he takes off. Doakes, angered by this, confronts him. In this way, we see the storylines for season one being wrapped up and the ones from season two beginning. We know that Angel’s marriage is over. We also know that Doakes’ suspicions about Dexter are getting worse.

Rita’s dealing with her own crisis. Paul’s in jail, which is great for her. But he was out just enough to play Disney Dad and get his kids to fall in love with him. So, when he’s suddenly gone from their lives, they’re angry. And, since Rita’s the only parent around, she’s the one who gets their anger. Dexter finally tells her that she needs to tell the kids the truth about their dad. How is it that the literal psycho killer is the best guy on this show?

Dexter’s got a lot going on, including one big issue he can’t talk to anyone about. He’s discovered that the memories he’s been having are of the death of his mother. This brings up one of the saddest lines of the whole season. “If I did have emotions, I’d have to feel this.” Dexter is realizing that he was so broken by the death of his mother, that this is the whole reason he is who he is. Why he is how he is. 

Going hand in hand with that is a mystery. The police records for his mother’s death are missing. Camilla, the records lady who’s a friend of Dexter, tells him that she burned them the day his adoption went through. Why, though? This is likely a mystery for season two. 

The big story, of course, is Deb. I honestly felt so bad for her this whole episode. Rudy’s told her that they need to talk, and he wants to take her away for the weekend. She thinks he’s going to break up with her until Dexter explains that he’s probably going to propose. This has her deliriously happy. It also makes her hop onto a boat with Rudy without another thought. Which, of course, leads her right into his trap.

With just one more episode in this season to go, the energy is ramping up. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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