Two lessons can be learned from this episode. One, an older guy’s ass can be just as fine as any others. And two, if you think you’re caught, keep your damned mouth shut anyway.

Dexter spent all night asleep in front of Rita’s house. He’s worried that someone, Lila, is going to show up and hurt them. But he need not worried. Lila shows up at the police precinct instead, to hurt Dexter’s friends. 

Specifically, Lila’s got her sights on Angel. Angel, who’s still getting over his divorce and being, you know, stabbed. Lila’s hanging all over him, as she knows no boundaries. And Angel, the poor man, is falling for it. 

Watching Lila harassing Dexter was like watching a bobcat stalking a wolf. Now that she’s got Angel in her crosshairs, it’s like that same bobcat hunting a friendly golden retriever. He might be tough enough to hold his own, but the odds are against him.

Dexter is trying to warn Angel. But he’s got his own problems. Starting with Doaks breaking into his apartment and stealing his box of blood slides. Doakes is trying to get the slides to a lab to prove that the blood belongs to the victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Too bad he was the one caught with the slides, not Dexter. 

This brings us to one of those lessons. There’s a moment in this episode where Dexter is sure he’s going down. He’s even more sure when he walks into Lundy’s office and sees his slides box sitting on the desk. But he doesn’t start spilling his guts out. He waits, and he listens.

Spoiler, Lundy doesn’t think it’s him. He’s worried that Doakes is going to hurt Dexter. 

I mean, he might. 

Speaking of Lundy, Deb’s seeing him. She’s not super thrilled with the idea of her cop buddies finding out. Not because he’s older. But because he is FBI and she doesn’t want to deal with the rest of the bullpen thinking she’s sleeping her way to a promotion. In the end, though, Deb is gonna Deb. She’s crazy smart when it comes to police investigations. When it comes to anything else, she’s an idiot.

This episode was exciting. But the ending, which I don’t want to ruin for you, was explosive. Strap in, because I can’t imagine how this season is going to end without at least one of our main characters in jail.

Or a black trash bag. 

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