This episode of Dexter was another hard one. It made me wish Dexter would get back to killing people.

Rita’s gone, so Dexter’s a single father with three kids. He and the family are crashing with Deb in her tiny one-bedroom apartment.

This is stressful enough. Dexter wants to kill someone.

He’s trying not to, though. He wants to be a good father, after all. So he’s putting all of his focus on taking care of Cody, Astor and Harrison. That is until he finds some mysterious blood in the bed of a moving truck.

Surely he can hunt down one serial killer and still take care of his kids, right?

Of course, it isn’t going to be as easy as that. 

The first problem is that his lead is awful weak. The blood on the bed of the truck leads him to a sanitation worker named Boyd Fowler. The name certainly suggests serial killer. But at first, he seems like a pretty boring person.

Except for his tendency to bring home dead things and keep them in big tanks in his yard. Oh, and his super aggressive motivational tapes. 

And the fact that he dumped a woman’s body in another tank. 

The other big roadblock in Dexter’s bliss is Astor. She’s not taking things well. She blames Dexter for her mother’s death. This makes more sense than she knows. She wants to go live with her grandparents. And she wants Cody to go with her.

This leaves Dexter and Harrison alone. Which is stupid. I’m pretty sure this was a decision made to par down the cast a little. It’s hard to be a serial killer with three kids in tow. Much easier with just one. 

Deb’s been a stellar sister. She’s letting everyone stay at her very small place. But she needs some time to herself. The problem is, Deb has no idea how to handle herself. So she decides the best thing to do is go stay on Quinn’s couch. You know Quinn, the one she slept with and has since refused to acknowledge?

Those two getting together is all sorts of bad idea. They both just lost a significant other. Then Deb lost a sister-in-law. Then of course there’s the fact that they work together and neither of them is exactly emotionally stable.

It’s looking like Boyd might be the main antagonist for the season. He’s not as horrifying as Trinity. But really, any deadly battle will be better than watching Dexter get his heart broken by his teenage daughter. 

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