In this episode, Dexter and Arthur go on a road trip together. An awkward creepy trip that made me cringe and kind of want to die. And as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to die during this trip. But we’ll get to that.

Dexter has been working under the assumption that Trinity isn’t a threat right now, having just finished his kill cycle. But when he finds out that Trinity’s planning to head out of town on a home build, Dexter realizes he needs to speed up his plans. 

He’s also feeling uncomfortable about killing Farrow. Not guilty. He’s very sure that he’s not feeling guilty. Surely killing Trinity will help him get over these feelings of discomfort. 

This plan led to a hilarious scene where Dexter pitches a trip to a meteorology conference to Maria and Rita. Maria is willing to let him go to just about anything to get him to stop talking about meteorology. And Rita has no problem with it, so long as Dex can take care of the kids on Tuesdays during her yoga class. I was so amused by Dexter coming up with excuses to get out of town to, you know, kill a man. 

Trinity isn’t thrilled with the idea of Dex go with him. It seems like he’s in a bit of a snit with everyone. He’s snapping at his kids, and just seems like he needs a break from everyone. It makes me wonder how his family feels when he’s out of town. It seems like there’s probably a weight lifted off their shoulders.

This weight is placed directly onto Dexter’s shoulders. Trinity is going right off the rails. He barges into his old house where he grew up, not paying attention to the new family who lives there and doesn’t want him to be there.

There, he tells Dexter what happened to his family. He explains how his sister died due to an accident he kind of caused. Then, his mother killed herself, leaving him with his abusive father. Finally, his father ‘died’. He killed him. Trinity killed his father.

By the end of the trip, Trinity is at a breaking point. Dexter finds him standing at the edge of a roof, ready to jump. But Dexter doesn’t want to let him get off that easy. 

Too bad. 

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