This episode of American Horror Story introduced maybe one of the most soothing, kindest characters I’ve ever seen in this show. I could be wrong though, I haven’t seen the whole season. Let’s discuss, Killer Queens.

We start this episode with a character we didn’t see at all last season, Grace. She is in bad shape, bleeding out from a real shitty hysterectomy. One that we think was performed by Dr. Arden. 

But it turns out it wasn’t? Which does lead to the chilling question of who took out her girl parts. We don’t have an answer, but I bet we have a good idea.

While Grace is struggling, she meets someone new. An angel of death. You’ll remember this actress as Moira from season one. I was thrilled to see her again. 

Through the episode, the angel visits several characters. And each time she sees someone, she asks the same thing.

Are you ready for me?

For a show that focuses so much on bad deaths, the angel of death is the embodiment of the opposite. She’s so soothing, so comforting. I’m sure that there’s a downside to her, but we haven’t seen it yet. 

We do see her meet Sister Mary. Or the demon living inside Sister Mary. And this, let me tell you, is the last thing the demon wanted to see. She’s on top of the world right now. She’s put Dr. Arden in his place and is running Briarcliff. She tipped her hand and admitted to Sister Jude that she’s been plotting against her. In short, she’s at demon Disneyland. Which can only mean bad things for everyone else.

Now, let’s go back to Kit. He was the first character we were introduced to, and we haven’t seen much of him in the last few episodes. But he’s back now. Back at Briarcliff. After finding out that Grace is ill and might die, he attacks his court-appointed attorney and runs back to the asylum. Which is sweet but also incredibly stupid.

Lana is back at Briarcliff as well. Of course, she’s there after being raped by Dr. Thredson, then attacking him. She does her best to warn Sister Mary, thinking that she might be an ally.

But of course, that’s not how this is going to pan out. 

As if all this wasn’t crazy enough, there are still monsters living in the woods. But they’re starting to make their way inside the asylum. And they are hungry.

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