We all need a break sometimes. Especially after a difficult time. And recently Dexter’s had a very difficult time. 

So when Rita takes the kids to her cousin’s wedding, he decides to take advantage of his time alone. He’s got a new playmate in his sights, a cop who murdered her husband and child. 

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. 

There’s a lot of relationship struggles in this episode, starting with Angel and Maria. Maria wants to report their relationship to the brass, to keep things kosher. He’d rather not. He’s afraid of losing the good thing they have if they put a label on it. Both of them decide to confide in Dexter, which does little more than complicate his life.

Then there’s Deb. She’s trying so hard to be true to Anton, ignoring her feelings for Lundy. Because apparently everyone in this show is allergic to being happy. Anton knows full well how she feels. I feel so bad for Anton. He deserves better.

Tucked among all of these little love stories, there are some moments of purely good tv. For the first time in the season, the Trinity Killer comes face to face with one of our main characters. He meets Lundy. 

Lundy doesn’t know who Trinity is. But Trinity knows him. And watching their interaction is startling. It’s like watching someone sign a death warrant.

Then, there’s the main event. Dexter stalking the killer cop is great fun. She’s smart, and she’s good at faking a crime scene. But she thinks herself untouchable. She’s angry that some unimportant lab tech is looking into her past. So she tries to intimidate Dexter, make him think his life is in danger. When that doesn’t work, she tries to kill him.

But she never realizes that she’s the prey, not the predator.

Dexter seems honestly angry at her. I thought at first it was because she was a dirty cop, taking advantage of the badge to get away with killing her family. But that’s not it. 

Dexter cares about Rita. He cares about his kids. He realizes that he’d rather them find out what he is than lose them. It’s not the betrayal of the woman’s badge that makes Dexter so furious.

It’s the betrayal of her family. Because his family means more to him than he ever thought they could. 

Poor Dexter. He doesn’t even know yet that one member of his family is bleeding out in a parking lot, watching the love of her life die. 

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