This episode of Dexter talks a lot about honesty. Two characters tell the truth, and one lies. One who told the truth probably shouldn’t have.

First, though, we’ve got to address the body under the tarp.

The last episode left us with Lundy and Deb, splayed out Thomas and Martha Wayne style, bleeding out from gunshot wounds. Now we find out that Deb was hurt, but will make a full recovery.

Lundy, however, will not. He’s gone because Deb is just not allowed to be happy ever.

Dexter is hurting, and furious. While the police think it’s the Vacation Murderer who shot their comrade, Dex is pretty sure it’s Trinity. So he steals all of Lundy’s notes and sets out to find the Trinity killer himself.

Well, not entirely by himself. As always, he’s got the voice of Harry in his head. But now, Harry’s mad. If I were to guess, I’d say this is the part of Dexter he can’t express. The fury and fear that his sister was hurt, could have died. This is worrisome. Angry, scared people make mistakes. And Trinity isn’t the sort you should make mistakes around. He’s managed to avoid capture for a very long time.

How has he done that, by the way? If there’s one flaw this season, it’s that Trinity can escape detection. Because he’s not subtle. He goes to a store and spends an inordinate amount of time picking out a hammer to do his killin’ with. Then he goes to the scene of his future crime, where he has killed before, and walks all over the place with the security guard! Asking all kinds of red flag questions, too. Two people saw, and will likely remember his face. And we know the detectives in Miami aren’t stupid. It does not make sense to me that he just bludgeoned some guy to death and he’s going to get away with it.

As I said, though, there were two truths and one lie. The first truth comes from Deb. She has a stunning moment of being an adult and admits to Anton that she slept with Lundy before he died. Good for her, I think she’s grown as a person.

Then, there’s Maria. She also told the truth, letting the brass know that she and Angel are seeing each other. Now their captain, who we all know hates her, is transferring Angel out of homicide. Maybe she should have just kept that to herself. 

Finally, we have Dexter. Who, as far as I can tell, has never lied to Rita. He’s said some things that might be taken in a way he didn’t mean, but he’s never outright lied to her.

Except about keeping his apartment after they got married. That he lied about. 

Of course, she found out. She always finds out.

I wonder if Trinity has these sorts of problems with his wife. Since we just saw her at the end of this episode, I imagine we’ll find out soon. 

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