Dexter’s learning a valuable lesson in this episode. We all have different roles we fill in our lives. The partner, the co-worker. The passionate serial killer. Each role requires a different part of us. A different face, if you will. And if you’ve got any sense in your brain, you keep those different roles as far away from each other as possible.

Dexter’s making friends with Miguel, who is using him to fill a hole in his life left behind by his brothers. Dexter, an introvert by nature, is having a hard enough time trying to mold himself into the role of father and fiance. New best friend isn’t fitting in well.

Miguel tells him about a man who got away with the murder of two women. Someone he, as ADA, couldn’t prosecute. Couldn’t put away. Couldn’t serve justice to. Dexter, feeling this is right up his alley, decides to look into the new playmate. And surprise surprise, he fits the rules. 

Meanwhile, Rita’s spending time with Syl. Syl suggests she and Dex should be looking into a bigger house. After all, two bedrooms with three kids don’t fit. But this is all moving fast for Dexter. I don’t know how it didn’t occur to him that he was going to move in with Rita if they were getting married. But I mean, he is a psychopath.

But this is all a lot of pressure. So, instead of going house hunting with Rita and Syl, he tells her he’s going fishing. And he is kind of. He’s tracking down Ethan, the black widower.

Too bad Rita starts bleeding while Dex’s out of reach. Though it does mean we get to see Ethan’s blood and not Rita’s.

Proving that Dexter isn’t the only stupid Morgan, Deb’s actively endangering the life of a teenager who worked for Freebo. See, the police still don’t know that Freebo’s dead and buried. So Deb’s doing stupid things like showing up and talking with his teenage pusher in broad daylight where anyone could see. And if someone can see, someone can tell. And generally, drug dealers don’t care if a leak in their organization is a child or an adult. They just care about closing that loop. You’d think Deb would know that already. But, as she’s also loudly banging on Anton’s door for God and everyone to see, I guess it’s a lesson she’s going to have to learn the hard, bloody, way.

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