We’re seeing a change in Dexter this season. Whether it’s for the better or not is still under review.

We start this episode with Rita and Dexter telling Astor and Cody that there’s going to be a new baby in the house. 

This could have been handled a little better. Like, maybe discuss beforehand how you’re going to handle that. If nothing else, that might prevent a small child from being the first person to suggest you might talk about why you’re not marrying the person you’re having a baby with.

Maybe that’s why Rita’s having a bad couple of days. When a customer at the hotel pulls a complete Karen, Rita becomes my hero and tells the woman exactly what she needs to hear.

Too bad she gets fired for it. 

Dexter’s focusing on Rita, as he should. But he’s also trying to mitigate some issues with Miguel. Miguel would like to tell his third brother, Ramon, about Freebo’s death. He thinks it will bring Ramon peace. But Dexter thinks Ramon isn’t to be trusted. So he’s decided to drive Ramon nuts until he snaps. The guy is high-strung enough that it shouldn’t take much.

While the season-long story is good, this episode’s murder story is really good. A poor young woman walked in on her fiance’s brutally murdered body. She’s such a mess, it’s hard to get any information from her. Dexter thinks she’s a great example of love. He wishes he could talk to Rita the way this woman talks about her fiance.

Too bad none of the guy’s friends even knew he was engaged. Weird, right?

Dexter does take some of her words to use with Rita. But this leads to one of the more touching moments of the whole show. He starts out lying, but then he starts telling more of the truth than he realizes. He tells Rita that he never wants to miss pizza night. That he feels real because of them. I had tears!

Finally, though, let’s talk about Maria. In the first season, she was not a great person. She kept Deb out of homicide because she considered her a threat. She sexually harassed Dexter. Nothing mattered more to her than her job. 

Until Doakes died. 

Losing someone changes us. Sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. For Maria, it’s for the better. She’s got information about a case, information that exonerates a man in jail. She tried to take this to Miguel, and he didn’t want to hear it. So, after some soul searching, she takes it to the man’s attorney, a woman named Ellen. 

Maria realized that justice doesn’t mean getting a conviction. It means getting the truth. Would that we could all change for the better like her. 

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