Dexter’s not the kind of guy who strikes one as a family man. But, that seems to be exactly what he’s turning into.

Don’t worry, there’s still going to be blood. But he’s doing all sorts of delightful domestic things, like going to pregnant yoga with Rita and grocery shopping with the whole family. 

Do you know who else goes to the grocery store? Child predators. And one of them sets his sights on Astor while at the store.

Dexter, thinking there’s something off about the guy who casually started a conversation with Astor in the store, takes down his license plate number. He doesn’t do much about it until the guy shows up at the beach taking pictures of Astor in her bathing suit.

This storyline was a character-building one for Dexter. He’s driven to seek out this man, to remove a threat from his family, from his kid. This is the first time we’ve seen him intentionally go against the code of Harry, killing a man who’s not a murderer.

He also steals the milk out of the guy’s fridge. Because his kids needed fucking milk.

What worries me in this episode is that Dexter’s distracted. He’s paying more attention to the new baby and his family than the looming threat that is Miguel. See, Miguel is handling this whole murder thing too well. He’s asking Dexter to hang out with him all the time. Which is cramping Dexter’s style a little, but not raising any red flags for him. 

It’s raising red flags for me. Especially when it seems that Miguel isn’t a very good ADA. He appears to be the kind who doesn’t care if the people he puts away are good or bad, so long as there’s a conviction.

Finally, let’s talk about Deb. Deb, who’s better than anyone I’ve ever known at putting her foot in her mouth. Deb, who crossed all kinds of lines with the CI Anton and now needs to go apologize. 

To her credit, she does. To his credit, he apologizes too. He even wrote a song about her.

I know enough Spanish to have gotten the joke before Deb. Leave a like on this post if you did too. 

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