This episode of Dexter did have a body count. But the bodies were mostly old, taxidermy, and of animals.


The Ice Truck Killer is finally identified, but something doesn’t feel right to Dexter. No one else feels the same way, this guy seems airtight. He was a witness to multiple murders. They even found his mother’s dead body buried under their trailer. No, there’s no logical reason to think he’s not the guy. The suspect just doesn’t fit into the fantasy Dexter’s made up about him.

Which of course he can’t share with anyone. And this inability to share things with those around him is weighing on him. He thought he had a kindred spirit with The Ice Truck Killer. But it seems that he’s going to be going away. Worse, he’s not the refined, sophisticated psycho Dexter thought he was.

Meanwhile, Jeremy hasn’t been playing by the rules that Dexter set for him. He’s killing perfectly innocent people, including a high school student. A perfectly nice one. 

If Dexter was capable of feeling guilt, I’d say that’s what was going on. But of course, he can’t. He does feel responsible for Jeremy, though. Even more so when the kid’s arrested.

While Dexter battles with his desire for friendship, Rita’s handling her ex. 

Paul, deciding to act like nothing’s wrong, has been showing up at the house with no warning. His behavior will be familiar to anyone who’s gone through a messy divorce. He’s showing up with doughnuts, taking the kids to the carnival without Rita’s permission. He’s bringing her flowers. All this to say, “Look, I know I beat you and crunched your head against the wall. But I’m not a bad guy. Here are some dead plants that should make up for it.”

Dexter is a serial killer. He’s still an upgrade from Paul.

Meanwhile, Deb’s hanging out with Tony Tuchi’s doctor. They seem to be getting close. This, I’m sure, can only lead to bad things.

A lot of plots are coming to a boil in this episode. Deb’s relationship with the doctor. Rita’s battle with Paul. And Dexter’s ever-increasing feelings of isolation. At this point, it’s just a question of what’s going to boil over first.

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