I think Dexter’s finally found someone as smart as he is. This is not, obviously, a good thing. But Miguel, he’s smart. Way too smart to keep alive. 

Dexter wants to make it clear that he’s done with Miguel. But to do that and feel safe, he’s got to get his hands on some real leverage. Miguel is, of course, trying to do the same thing to Dexter. And, he has the resources to do it. 

They both do. And so we see them, dancing around each other. Dexter sneaks into Miguel’s house. He shows up at Maria’s house while he knows Miguel is there. He makes it very clear that he can, and will, make Miguel’s life hell. 

Miguel, for his part, is good at slithering out of whatever trap Dexter tries to set for him. But in the end, it got to him. Powerful men don’t like it when they’re challenged. They don’t like to hear no, and they do things when they hear it. Things that sometimes involve skinning. 

Things are getting ugly. And when Rita tells Syl that Miguel is cheating on him with Maria (he’s not) things blow up. And Miguel thinks that this was Dexter’s doing. 

So, he does the only thing that makes sense to him. He targets Deb. Deb’s been doing nothing to protect herself. Sleeping with Anton was, by all accounts, a bad idea. Not that Deb’s known for having good ideas. She’s made herself a target for an investigation that might ruin her chance at her shield. She needs to get her priorities straightened out. And I’m not sure she’s grown up enough to do that yet. 

The biggest vibe I got from this episode was that things are going too easy. Dexter seems to be winning this game of cat and, well cat. He and Rita have never been better. Of course, this can’t last. There are only two episodes of the season left. So of course, there’s going to be some horrible twist. Some terrible thing is going to happen that makes everything bright and sunny go dark. In this case, this is quite literal.

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