Episode four of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was a huge disappointment. The best thing about this episode was the intro, which continues to be perfect. 

We start with Sabrina and Ros running for Co-student president. Aunt Zelda is worried that this will take up too much of the girl’s time as they are supposed to be battling the Eldridge Terrors. Sabrina insists that she can make the time. She is still trying to live in two worlds, even after splitting herself in half. 

Ros is dealing with her new duties as a Wyrd Sister and trying to run for co-president. She’s also trying to make things work with Harvey. Harvey, for his part, is dealing with the fact that he’s ended up with yet another witch. 

Then, as is pretty obvious, the next Eldridge Terror appears. A man who calls himself the Trinket Seller comes into Father Blackwood’s church carrying the Imp of Perversion. With it, he wishes himself the supreme emperor of the world.

Are you ready for some serious Nazi vibes? Like we’ve never seen that before. But, of course, we’ve got to go through it here with a touch of Sabrina flavor.

Blackwood has the whole town on the lookout for witches, claiming they literally eat babies. He’s got control of the school, the academy, and Harvey. Half the town’s walking around dressed like the SS. And Sabrina is called Public Enemy Number One. Oh, and the only two who remember the truth are Sabrina and Ros.

One of the few good things that can be said for this episode was that we got to hear Nick sing. Man, can he sing. 

Of course, Aunt Hilda and Dr. Cee are leading the revolution in the back of their book store. No one questioned that. 

One thing I did enjoy was the trinket seller, who I’m still not sure is a good person or bad. I know he reminded me of Mr. Needful from Needful Things. So, you know, literally the Devil. 

This episode was just so predictable. I’ve seen this same story told in literally every show I’ve ever seen. And rarely have the writers used as much of a sledgehammer to make their point. Subtlety has never been this show’s strong suit. But this episode hit a new low. I don’t know if everyone was asleep for this script. But I’m hoping they wake up for the rest of the season.