The episode in which we meet so many new characters…

Bill’s Continued Capture

We open with Bill fighting the werewolves that have abducted him. He has killed all but two as the king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, rides up on a horse. He looks like he’s playing dress-up as a war general, but we’ll let that slide. Russell explains that the werewolves were doing his bidding, and when Bill reveals that they fed on him, Russell shoots one of the wolves in its human form. Bill and Russell ride away from the remaining werewolf who is scared out of his mind.

Bill is taken back to Russell’s home, where he meets Russell’s partner. The two serve him a three course meal made masterfully from blood: rose infused blood bisque, blood gelato, among others. Russell proposes a plan that he needs Bill to be part of. He explains that he wants to marry Sophie-Anne and merge their territories of Louisiana and Mississippi. Russell tells Bill that if he helps this plan along, he can be a sheriff.

This is also interesting, because it seems both Sophie-Anne and Russell are gay. I guess this is a power move, not a love move.

Bill is confused. He isn’t Sophie-Anne’s confidante. He isn’t close to Sophie-Anne at all. Bill insists that he is not the vampire Russell is looking for. I agree – wouldn’t this be Eric? But Russell insists that Bill is perfect for the job, and threatens Sookie when Bill isn’t so agreeable.

Lafayette Gets Vulnerable

Lafayette saves Tara’s life by making her vomit all of the pills she took in the bathroom. When he tries to take her to the hospital, she insists that she threw up all of the pills and doesn’t want to be committed.

Lafayette yields, but takes Tara to visit his mother in a care facility. Lafayette’s mother is mean and racist, and after visiting with her, Lafayette tells Tara that if she doesn’t get herself straightened out, she will turn out like their own mothers.

Eric’s Past

We get another glimpse into Eric’s past when he remembers his encounter with a werewolf during World War II. Godric and Eric kill a werewolf who says that her master is a vampire. It seems there’s a long lying history of werewolves and vampires interacting and being involved with one another and this seems to only be scratching the surface.

Eric tells Sookie his history with werewolves, admitting that he lied to her yesterday when she asked if he knew anything about werewolves. Sookie allows Eric inside her home to protect her when Eric senses a wolf already in the house.

Jessica’s Little Problem

When Sookie discusses werewolves with Eric at the bar earlier in the episode, Jessica and Pam are in the bathroom together. Jessica asks how you stop feeding so that you don’t kill a human. Pam explains that once the heartbeat wanes, you have to think about something nasty to get yourself to pull away. Jessica’s still got that stinky body in the crawlspace at home…

Jessica rents a chainsaw later in the episode, only to return home and find the body has disappeared. Oh boy.

Sam Finds His Kin

Sam finds his parents after he realizes the boy at the shop was lying, and is actually his brother. He follows the boy home and is woken at gunpoint. His brother brings him inside, where Sam and his mother have a moment of recognition.

His mother explains that she and his brother are shifters, while his father is normal. Sam’s mother always hoped that he was normal when she gave him to the Merlottes. She couldn’t keep Sam because she was 16 and his father was in jail.

After this, Sam and his brother go on a run together in their animal forms. It seems that his brother tries to get him killed, as Tommy runs into the road in front of a semi and turns into a bird right before they are hit. Sam jumps out of the way and lands on the side of the road in his human form. Is this a brotherly prank or is Tommy actually trying to kill Sam?

A Few More Things…

Arlene is definitely pregnant, and I’m here for Terry’s wholesomeness in this episode. He doesn’t know yet, but he’s going to be the best dad.

Jason and Andy are hanging out a whole lot. Jason is in the police car with Andy after drinking at the bar when a call about a meth lab bust comes through. He rides along with Andy, and tackles a perp at the scene. It looks like Jason might be interested in becoming a part of law enforcement.

And… there’s a creepy new vampire in town that seems to be looking for Sookie. He helps Tara beat the crap out of some racists outside the bar. I wonder who this guy could be.

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