This episode opens with a news cast about how all of the world’s Tru Blood factories have been destroyed. As Sookie watches the news, Mike, the local coroner, shows up and is a vampire suddenly. He attacks Sookie and bites her. Sookie narrowly escapes by staking Mike with a pair of chopsticks from her takeout bag.

A New Regime

At the vampire headquarters, Molly receives the true death for rebelling against the new authority.

Trueblood S5E10 Molly being held by guards with an iStake on

Eric is taken to Nora and Bill feeds them Lilith’s blood again in an attempt to convert Eric.

Trueblood S5E10 Bill standing near the display that holds Lilith's blood

Eric and Nora see a vision of Lilith killing Godric and when they take Eric back to the group, he asserts that he now believes and that he was worshipping Godric as a false idol.

Trueblood S5E10 Lilith killing Godric

Eric and Russell squash their beef and call it even.

Trueblood S5E10 Russell holding Emma at the AVL

More Like Going, Going, Gone

Hoyt recovers from the pig attack and decides he is moving to Alaska for a job at the chagrin of his mother. Hoyt does ask Jessica and Jason for one last thing. He wants Jessica to glamour him and make him forget both of them. She does it and on Hoyt’s way out of town, Jason pulls him over to talk to him. This destroys Jason when he sees that Hoyt has absolutely no memory of their entire lives together.

Trueblood S5E10 Jessica and Jason with Hoyt at Merlotte's

Elijah, the new sheriff, tells Pam that there is an order to create new vampires. He wants 30 new baby vamps in Area 5 and demands that Pam and Tara get moving. Tara is fed up with Elijah and calls him in a panic when she thinks she killed Ginger, but it is a trap. Tara stakes Elijah and when Pam walks in, Tara says that nobody mess with them in their house. I am loving this new relationship building between Tara and Pam and I firmly believe it will end in a romantic relationship.

Trueblood S5E10 Elijah

Jason helps Sookie unearth the real item Gran told her was under the bed. They pry up a floorboard and there is an old scroll with otherworldly writing on it. They take it to a professor who insists it is over 200 years old but that it is not in any human language. When they bring it to Claude, he enlists Maurella’s help to read it because it is in the old language. Peep this: Maurella is pregnant, presumably with Andy’s baby.

New Mortal (and Immortal) Foes

Maurella explains that the contract is from 1702 and is an agreement from one of Sookie and Jason’s ancestors with M. Warlow promising Warlow the family’s first female fae heir. This just happens to be Sookie. I wonder what their ancestor got in exchange for that deal.

Sam and Luna try to figure out how to get Emma back from Newlin. Sam calls Newlin’s publicist pretending to be from a dog magazine to get an interview and photo shoot, but he is denied. The pair learn that Newlin is going to be in Louisiana that night for a debate. The pair sneak in backstage and when they don’t see Emma, they turn into rats and take a ride in Newlin’s bag.

Trueblood S5E10 Jessica in the elevator at the AVL

Bill sends for Jessica and brings her to the AVL. He is spewing so much religious nonsense and Jess is visibly uncomfortable based on her Christian past.

Trueblood S5E10 Jessica holding the vampire bible with Bill looking at her in the background

When Newlin returns to the AVL, the secretary brings Emma in human form out. Newlin yells at her, telling her to turn back into his dog. He locks Emma in a room but not before we see a mouse go in with her.

Trueblood S5E10 Newlin sternly pointing his finger at Emma

Russell finally loses his cool and tells the AVL how stupid they and their religion are. He insists that they can walk in the sun and could potentially breed fae for food. Bill and Eric share a look. Russell dips out.

Trueblood S5E10 Andy and Holly dancing together in the bar

This episode developed many of our plotlines that are coming to a close for this season. How will Russell end when he tries to attack Sookie? Will this snap Bill and Eric out of it? Maurella telling Andy she’s pregnant with his baby? How is Holly going to take that? Sookie’s got so many vampires after her it isn’t even funny.

Trueblood S5E10 Bill holding the vampire bible
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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