We open with Bill seeing a vision of Lilith who claims that only one can lead them and that she chooses him. Lilith urges Bill to drink all of the rest of her blood. We learn that Lilith has been coming to all of the counselors in this vision and telling them the same thing. Bill kills another one of the counselors who he walks in on seeing this vision of Lilith as well. It seems that Lilith is turning all of the counselors against each other.

Trueblood S5E11 Lilith covered in blood

Nora realizes her errors and while having sex with Eric, the two come up with a plan to escape.

Safety in Numbers

Sookie, after having learned that she was sold to Warlow centuries ago, stays with the fairies to stay safe.

Trueblood S5E11 the counselors of the AVL at the board table

Cavanaugh, a military official of the U.S. government, pays a visit to the AVL and demands to speak with Roman. Upon finding out that Roman is dead, Cavanaugh says that Roman was the only one holding this thing together. The counselors explain their new beliefs and Cavanaugh tells them that the U.S. is prepared for war with weapons the vampires cannot even imagine. He also reveals that the government has video footage of Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin murdering a house of fraternity brothers and they will release it if they need to. Eric breaks Cavanaugh’s neck when he tries to leave.

Trueblood S5E11 Cavanaugh speaking to the counselors

Nora and Eric volunteer to go on a glamouring campaign to erase anyone’s memory of the video footage of Russell and Steve and the counsel agrees to this. Bill is skeptical and insists that they take guards with them. In the car, Eric kills the guards and the pair fly off into the sky.

Danger in Plain Sight

Jessica asks Bill if she can go warn Jason about the impending war and the fact that Sookie is in danger. Bill says no until Jessica floats the idea that she could turn Jason into a vampire. Bill knows Jessica is bluffing, so he makes her go to do so but makes two guards go with her who will turn Jason if she doesn’t.

Trueblood S5E11 Bill preaching to Jessica

When they arrive, Jessica whispers to Jason to trust her before she tears into his neck. As the guards begin to bury Jess and Jason, Jess whispers to Jason and he shoots the guards with wooden bullets.

Jessica goes to Pam for safety. Pam only agrees for information about Eric in return. Elijah’s maker Rosalyn, a member of the AVL counsel, shows up at Fangtasia for answers. Rosalyn can smell Elijah’s blood on Tara and before she can arrest her, Pam says that she is the one who murdered Elijah. Pam is taken into custody at the AVL – probably to try and find Eric, who is long gone.

Trueblood S5E11 Jessica seeking Pam's refuge at Fangtasia

While at Fangtasia, Rosalyn sniffs out Jessica and tells her that her daddy is looking for her and brings her back to the AVL too. Bill meets Jessica back in the AVL lounge and is angry that she chose a human over vampires, murdering the two guards.

Formulating a Plan

Sam and Luna are mice inside the AVL and are trying to figure out where they even are. They come upon the cages where humans are kept until feeding time. Guards enter the room and wonder how Sam and Luna got out, assuming they were humans for feed. Sam volunteers when a guard says that Bill demands his breakfast.

Maurella brings Sookie to meet the elder that may have information about Warlow. Just as she is about to tell Sookie information about Warlow, Jason shows up to warn Sookie of the danger she is in. The elder is disturbed that Russell is still alive. Sookie insists that they stop running and fight. The elder agrees with her.

An Unexpected Surprise

Terry and Arlene are doing really well. Maurella shows up at the bar and tells Andy about her pregnancy. Andy is convinced she thinks he is stupid because he saw her last week and she wasn’t pregnant like that. Maurella is angry because he swore on the light. She says to forsake his vow of the light is to cause a war.

Trueblood S5E11 Terry and Arlene at Merlotte's

The fairies rope Jason into an attack plan. Jason goes home and Russell and Steve show up. They glamour him, having him lead them to the fairies – just as planned.

Trueblood S5E11 Jason leading Russell and Steve to the fairies

When they arrive, the elder shows herself and fights the pair. Unfortunately, Russell attacks her and drains her.

Trueblood S5E11 Russell eating and killing the elder

It seems like because the elder died and she is probably the one to make the invisible fairy portal, it no longer works and Russell can see them.

Trueblood S5E11 The fairies inside their fortress

Someone warns Alcide and his father about baby vamp attacks so they install a silver fence. Alcide and his father save a neighbor when they are attacked by a pack that tries to come to their house first.

Trueblood S5E11 Alcide and his father installing a silver fence

We are racing towards a crashing season finale and I cannot wait to see how all of those characters’ issues resolve. Stay tuned!

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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