We open this episode with Russell being subdued again. Bill and Eric begin to investigate why Russell’s iStake didn’t work and first accuse Molly, the vampire who is in charge of the restraints. She seems equally perplexed that it didn’t work. Bill and Eric quickly find out that Nora and Salome were working together and that they have joined forces with Russell.

Time to Feast

The rest of the council seems to go along with Nora, Salome, and Russell probably because they fear their power. Salome admits that she is the one who dug Russell up as he was the only vampire powerful enough to kill Roman. Salome invites Bill and Eric to join them in their Sanguinista movement but the two decline. She invites them to a ceremony where all of the council drinks from the vial of Lilith’s blood. Eric says to Bill that it’s just vampire blood and shouldn’t do anything to them, but turns out really old vampire blood gets you super high.

TrueBlood S5E7 Russell singing at the bar with a terrified gust standing next to him

The crew goes into the city and enters a bar where a private party celebrates a marriage. The group attacks the room, killing and feeding on the humans. They see a vision of Lilith encouraging their behavior. Eric sees a vision of Godric telling them that this behavior is not right and that Eric’s sister does not know it. Godric tells Eric he must help Nora understand these actions are wrong.

TrueBlood S5E7 The vampires feasting on the wedding party

Sookie learns from the fairies that her power is finite and she is becoming depleted. Afterwards, she goes into a field alone and starts shooting light from her hands, presumably trying to run out of power so that she may become a regular human.

Sniffing It Out

After killing Junior, the shopkeeper, Sam investigates the backroom where he finds a box full of Obama masks. We see Hoyt become involved with the group responsible for the hate crimes unfortunately. Hoyt is there when the shooters learn that Junior was killed.

Later on at the hospital, Sam sniffs out an employee who is one of the shooters, attacking him.

Alcide and Rikki, the pack member who volunteered to fight alongside him, are practicing for their matchup with J.D. Things get pretty flirty and Martha walks in on them.

TrueBlood S5E7 Alcide and Rikki training together

Alcide tells her that J.D. is on V, but she asserts that he swore on Marcus’ grave that he wasn’t. Martha learns this to be false when J.D. tries to give Emma some V later on in the episode. She’s eight years old, guy.

TrueBlood S5E7 Martha holding Emma

Arlene watches her wedding video and struggles with Terry’s confessions. Holly walks in and gives Arlene some tough love about how there is plenty in the world we don’t understand and that Ifrit could be real. Terry and Patrick are driving somewhere when Terry gets out of the truck and makes a dash for it. Patrick comes after him. The two are in a field when Terry takes Patrick’s gun from his leg holster and almost kills himself. Patrick talks him down. Ifrit makes an appearance and laughs at them. Terry doesn’t want to live in fear. He wants to get his death over with.

All Stitched Up

Lafayette goes to Jesus’ family home. The family says that they are taking back the powers that belong to them. Bartolo begins a ceremony over his wife’s pregnant belly. He cuts into Lafayette’s forehead as he is bound to a chair with his lips sewed shut. Suddenly, the wife attacks Bartolo and kills him, releasing Lafayette’s mouth stitches.

TrueBlood S5E7 Lafayette at Jesus' family home tied up as he performs a ritual

Lettie Mae goes to see Tara at Fangtasia and renounces her for being a vampire. Tara gets upset but Pam steps in and consoles her in the most loving display we’ve seen from Pam towards Tara. Honestly, I don’t predict that this relationship turns into a mother-daughter one. I truly see the two becoming an item.

This episode draws us forward and begins to lead us to the large conflicts of this season. This season really hasn’t disappointed and has kept me clicking the next episode button fast.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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