If this season of Witcher is missing anything, and believe me it is, it’s levity. If horror and dark fantasy are the steaks, comedy is the salt that brings out the true savor. And when it comes to Witcher, nothing’s saltier than a bard.

That’s right, Jaskier is back ladies. 

Yennefer and her new friend Cahir are on the run, trying to get out of the city. They first encounter a few elves trying to escape as well. They’re told to find the Sandpiper, a mysterious figure who’s been helping elves escape from the racist persecution they’re facing. It turns out that the Sandpiper is Jaskier. And even though he and Yennefer didn’t leave things on great terms, he’s willing to help her.

Of course, he can’t just leave it at that. Being who he is, Jaskier ends up in a massive fight with a guard at the docks over one of his songs. This ends with him being in some hot water of his own. 

Meanwhile, Geralt and Ciri are still in Kaer Morhen. Realizing that Ciri has magic, Geralt’s invited Triss to come and teach her. Ciri immediately blossoms under a female influence and just latches onto her.

It doesn’t take Triss long to realize that a certain kind of flower is blossoming all over the training yard. Flowers that are only supposed to bloom where the blood of an Elder has fallen. What an Elder is exactly isn’t particularly well defined. What we do know is that they’re extremely magical beings and that Ciri is almost certainly one of them. 

One of the awesome things about Elders is that their blood is super useful. I don’t think that’s a healthy thing for Ciri. One of the things it can do is make new Witchers. And it’s been a while since any new Witchers have been made.

Ciri is more than willing to have her blood drawn but under one condition. She wants to be made into a Witcher. Seeing as how she’s already something more powerful, this is rather short-sighted. But whoever said teenagers were smart?

The season is finally starting to warm up a bit. Especially when an unnamed fire mage is seen plotting to find Ciri. For what reason, we don’t know, but I can’t imagine it’s good.

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