Turn Your Back

Things are starting to get interesting in this episode of Netflix’s Witcher. It had better start, we’re halfway through the season already. 

We’re introduced this episode to a new character named Lydia. My first impression of her was that she looked like Mrs. Lovett. My second impression was that she wasn’t half as interesting as the writers believed her to be. 

The elves of Witcher Season two Turn Your Back.

She contracts with a fire mage named Rience to bring in Ciri. Rience, to his credit, wants to know why Lydia’s working for. But she’s a bit cagey about that fact.

Meanwhile, Geralt’s on a field trip, looking into the monoliths. He runs into another one of Yennefer’s old flames, Istredd. Together they discover what I think we already knew. The monoliths are gateways to another realm, through which monsters are escaping. This explains why we’ve run into several monsters that were completely foreign to Geralt. 

While Geralt is discovering this, Ciri and Triss are getting to the bottom of Ciri’s strange magic. They do a form of meditation that lets them see Ciri’s memories. 

There, we finally start getting some answers as to why everyone’s hunting her. It appears that there’s a prophesy that a child with Elder blood will destroy the world. Isn’t there always? Ciri assumes it’s her because her parents assume it’s her. This causes her to panic and accidentally let loose a chernobog that nearly eats Geralt. 

I can kind of see why she thinks she might be the reason the world is destroyed.

While all of this is going on, Yennefer is trying to rescue Jaskier. At this, she fails, since she still doesn’t have her magic. All she manages to do is get herself captured as well.

Ciri and Tris in Witcher Season Two Turn Your Back.

Even trying to save him was a little out of character for her. I think she’s growing as a person. 

Captured, she starts to panic. She calls on the last person she should probably be talking to, the Deathless Mother. 

Of course, she can help Yennefer, for a price. And that price is Ciri. 

I think this episode wanted to be a lot of things it wasn’t. It wanted to be surprising, but a lot of the reveals were pretty easy to guess. It wanted us to be interested in some new characters, but I just found them rather dull. 

I will say this episode was funny, and at least some exciting things happened. But they were few and far between.

Here’s hoping things start picking up here soon. Time grows short for this season of Witcher. 

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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