We open this episode with Eric escaping the camp with Nora, who is quickly looking not so great from that injection of Hepatitis V. Eric tells Willa to go back into the camp and warn Pam not to drink the Tru Blood. As we saw last time, Burrell was spraying Hep V in every bottle.

The problem with Burrell’s little plan is that sure, lots of vampires would be killed by contaminating the Tru Blood, but what about the ones who feed solely from humans? They won’t die and they will demand to get justice for those who did die. I guess Burrell didn’t really think that far past his hate.

Save Her

Willa goes back into the camp and warns Pam, Tara, and Jessica about the Tru Blood. Pam insists that they keep this information between them because if all vampires know and stop drinking Tru Blood, the authorities will know something is up.

Eric takes Nora to Bill and says he will do anything if Bill can save her.

TrueBloodS6E7 Eric asking Bill for help saving Nora

Bill tries giving Nora his Lilith blood even when she doesn’t want it, but it doesn’t help.

TrueBloodS6E7 Nora dying from Hep V

Nora dies a slow, painful death and absolutely explodes in Eric’s arms as he cries for her. This scene was brutal. It was painful and emotional. I really felt Eric’s pain.

TrueBloodS6E7 Eric holding Nora's remains

Sarah discovers Burrell’s body that Bill eviscerated last episode. She convenes with a senator and she presents her plan. Sarah will run the facility while the senator covers for Burrell in matters of law. They will pretend he was injured and is recovering while the poisoning plan comes to fruition.

Oh, The Humanity

Jason brings Jessica into a chamber for a private conversation. He says he is going to get her out, but Jessica thinks she deserves everything that is happening to her.

TrueBloodS6E7 Jason speaking with Jessica

Jessica asks Jason to bring James to her for a private moment because she wants to thank him for not having sex with her when they were forced to in the copulation study. When Jason leaves the two alone, they have consensual sex.

Grief and Sorrows

Sookie and Warlow are in the fairy realm defining the relationship. Sookie insists that this does not mean she will marry Warlow as she is her own woman. He acknowledges this, but hopes this moved them closer to being married. Sookie hears Arlene crying in the cemetery and comes back to the real world to comfort Arlene as she grieves Terry.

TrueBloodS6E7 Arlene crying in the cemetery

Back at Arlene’s house, she and Andy tell her kids that Terry is dead. Sookie and Lafayette go to the safety deposit box that Terry left the key for. There is an envelope that is “For Arlene” with a two-million dollar life insurance policy in it. It was issued only three days before his death and Sookie and Lafayette understand that this means Terry planned his death. When Sookie and Lafayette return to tell Arlene what they found, she is wasted and they decide it isn’t the time.

TrueBloodS6E7 Sookie consoling Arlene

Bill shows up at Arlene’s to express his condolences – in the daylight. He also asks Sookie to bring Warlow to him, as it means saving the lives of all her friends in Bill’s burning room vision.

Lies Abound

Nicole and Sam are on their way out of town when Sam talks to Lafayette via phone call. He learns of Terry’s death and decides he must go back to Bon Temps, no matter what Alcide said. Nicole and Sam have sex in the shower and then Nicole’s mom shows up to take her home. When Alcide returns to his pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead and that he gave Emma back to Martha, the pack calls his bluff. The pack brings out Nicole and her mom, tied up and gagged.

TrueBloodS6E7 Sarah speaking with Jason

Sarah tells Jason about Burrell’s death and how he has no leverage anymore. She has him thrown into gen pop after cutting a wound in his arm. Tara steps in front of him and tells everyone to stay back. A vampire emerges from the crowd and proclaims Jason hers.

TrueBloodS6E7 Tara protecting Jason

This season is proving to hit hard with emotional deaths and character development that progresses quickly. Many season before felt like certain episodes could drag, but this season has kept me in its grip.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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