We open this episode with Eric covered in Nora goo while Bill tells him they have work to do. Very insensitive of you, Bill. Eric lets Bill know this and leaves.

Challenged and Returned

Alcide explains to his pack that Nicole and her mother will not tell anyone about them. Rikki isn’t having it and challenges Alcide for packmaster. Alcide beats her pretty badly, but doesn’t kill her. He decides to leave the pack life, just as his father did.

TrueBloodS6E8 Alcide being challenged by Rikki

Alcide brings Nicole and her mother to Sam and they call a truce.

TrueBloodS6E8 Nicole and her mother

Like A Snack

Jason has been claimed by Violet inside of gen pop. Violet feeds from Jason and proclaims that they will be together loyally now that he is hers. Jason asks her not to rape him, and she tells him that when they make love – which they will – it will be completely consensual. The guards get onto Violet as she isn’t drinking her Tru Blood ration. Any of the vampires caught not drinking their Tru Blood are brought to a circular room – the same one Bill saw in his vision where they all meet the sun.

TrueBloodS6E8 Violet feeding from Jason

Sookie listens to a voicemail from Jason explaining that he is going to make things right with Jessica. She has no idea that this means he is in vampire prison. Sookie wonders where Niall is since Jason’s message mentions that she is in good hands with him. She calls Jason back and leaves him a voicemail about Terry’s death.

In Mourning

Lafayette tells Arlene about the insurance policy. It dawns on everyone that Terry planned his murder. Adilyn is listening in on Arlene think about how her mind-probing probably pushed him over the edge. Arlene tells Adilyn to stay out of people’s minds or she might not like what she hears.

Holly’s sons help Adilyn sneak out in the middle of the night to “blow off some steam.” The trio drinks and gets frisky in a field. Eric shows up and glamours the boys. He chases Adilyn, catching her and drinking from her. Andy finds Adilyn wandering the road later looking disoriented. At least Eric didn’t kill her.

Making Plans

Sookie asks Bill how it will go if she agrees to his plan. Bill plans to let the vampires feed from Warlow to protect them from the sun. Sookie says she needs time to think as Warlow wants to turn her and make her be his fairy vampire bride. Bill is insensitive (yet again) about why Sookie needs time to think it over and she storms off.

Sookie shows up at Merlotte’s and confesses her feelings to Sam.

TrueBloodS6E8 Sam looking into the distance

Sam rejects her, as she had lots of time to return his unrequited feelings, but now Nicole is pregnant. Sam can smell it and he reveals this to Sookie. She storms out. You have more than enough chances, Sook. Move on.

TrueBloodS6E8 Sookie and Sam in his office

Suzuki, the Tru Blood plant overseer, shows up at the warehouse demanding to speak with Burrell. She is upset that he said his name would not be associated with the secret production of Tru Blood in his building, but now it is all over the news. Suzuki faces off with Sarah and ends up dead with a high heel lodged in her brain above gen pop.

TrueBloodS6E8 Sarah fighting Suzuki

In the cemetery, Sookie visits the graves of her parents, asserting that she’d rather walk the night as the very thing they tried to kill her over rather than be buried next to them as a human.

TrueBloodS6E8 Sookie visiting her parents in the cemetery

She calls Bill and tells him to pick her up in a hour. Sookie takes Bill to the fairy realm and Warlow has been attacked and fed on. Bill believes it was Eric.

TrueBloodS6E8 Sookie and Bill going to the fairy dimension

This episode got a bit weird in places – like Sookie suddenly wanting to confess her love to Sam and run away with him – but overall, still a great episode.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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