A Grain of Truth

Witcher is back for season two on Netflix. It certainly took them long enough. After last season’s cliffhanger of an ending, I’m ready to binge the whole season. So let’s get started today with episode one, A Grain of Truth. 

Geralt from Witcher Season Two, A Grain of Truth.

We start with a family arriving at a castle late at night. They’re cold and tired, and just looking for a safe place. But the courtyard appears deserted. The father calls out into the darkness, just in case something’s listening. And, of course, he’s right. Someone is listening.

Well, something. Something that leaps out of the darkness and brutally rips apart the whole family, including the horse, in truly gory fashion. 

I can’t think of a better way to start a season, personally.

Geralt and Ciri arrive soon after, looking for the Watcher’s winter home. They seem to be fitting into their new roles of father and daughter well. Ciri adores him, trusts him completely, and is absolutely allergic to listening to a damned thing he tells her to do. 

When they arrive at the castle, they find an old friend of Geralt’s. A man named Nivellen, who’s been turned into a beast by a curse. And I mean, he looks like the Beast from Beauty and The Beast. I’m sure it’s a direct reference because his castle seems to be alive. He need only call out for something for it to appear.

Nivellen from Witcher Season Two, A Grain of Truth.

Geralt is fine leaving, but Ciri is down for the idea of a hot bath and a bed after months on the road. And Nivellen is eager for their company.

He tells them that he was cursed by a mage after he drunkenly tore up a temple. Now he must live alone for eternity. But of course, he’s not alone in the castle.

Ciri’s visited in the night by a bruxa. And let me tell you, the way this thing moves is creepy as hell. The eerie jerking motion is enough for this bruxa to remain in my nightmares for quite a while.

She seems friendly, though. At least, she likes Ciri and wants to make friends. Witcher, she’s not so thrilled with. 

The bruxa, though, isn’t the scariest thing about this episode. It turns out that Geralt’s friend Nivellen isn’t being exactly honest about his curse. 

This was a fun episode and a great first episode for the new season. I’m eager to see what other eerie, dark surprises are in store for us.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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