Shudder has updated their streaming offerings once again, featuring a little bit of the old with the new. For example, Sleepaway Camp returns, but with the addition of Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers, and Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. That also means that the Sleepaway Camp episode of the original The Last Drive-In marathon is also back.

What are our top picks this month? Read on to find out.

Metamorphosis (2019)

It has a hot priest, what are you waiting for? Poster courtesy of IMDB.

Also known as Byeonshin. In this fresh spin on a demonic possession story, Joong-Su, an exorcist, must face a demon he tragically failed to defeat in the past when it targets his brother’s family next. The demon assumes the form of different family members to sow confusion and distrust, destroying the unit from within. With his loved ones in peril, Joong-Su must face the demon again, at the risk of his own life. Starring Bae Sung-Woo, Sung Dong-Il and Jang Young-Nam. Directed by Hong-Seon Kim.

A SHUDDER ORIGINAL: Also available on Shudder CA and Shudder UK!

Maniac Cop Trilogy (1988 – 1993)

Definitely a schlocky classic and likely fodder for The Last Drive-In. Poster courtesy of IMDB.

Director William Lustig’s Maniac Cop, Maniac Cop 2, and Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence land on Shudder.

Two New York policemen (Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell) and a policewoman (Laurene Landon) search for a killer in uniform who should be dead. In the sequel, the “Maniac Cop” is back from the dead and stalking the streets of New York once more. And in part three, when footage is doctored to place blame for a hostage’s death on a comatose officer, the “Maniac Cop” takes it upon himself to exact revenge upon those responsible for smearing her name. (Also available on Shudder Canada!)

In Search of Darkness (2019)

Perhaps the ultimate documentary on 1980s horror? Poster courtesy of IMDB.

Tracking major theatrical releases, obscure titles and straight-to-video gems, this four-plus-hour documentary explores ‘80s horror films year-by-year. Topics include groundbreaking practical effects; the home-video revolution; poster art and project marketing; creative and budgetary challenges; sound design and musical scores; the 3-D resurgence; heroes and villains; sex, nudity and “the final girl” controversy; and the pop culture context that fueled the genre. Filled with countless clips and
entertaining moments, In Search of Darkness is a nostalgia trip through a game-changing decade, as told by both experts and the icons who influenced the modern landscape of genre cinema.

Featuring Tom Atkins, Doug Bradley, Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl, Lori Cardille, John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Larry Cohen, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Sean S. Cunningham, Joe Dante, Keith David, Katie Featherston, Mick Garris, Michael Gingold, Stuart Gordon, Andre Gower, Spencer Hickman, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Graham Humphreys, James A. Janisse, Lloyd Kaufman, Eric Kurland, Heather Langenkamp, Don Mancini, Harry Manfredini, Kelli Maroney, Robbi Morgan, Bill Moseley, Greg Nicotero, Phil Nobile Jr., Cassandra Peterson, Mike Redman, James Rolfe, Ken Sagoes, Ben Scrivens, Mark Shostrom, Corey Taylor, Cecil Trachenburg, Ryan Turek, Caroline Williams, Alex Winter, Heather
Wixson, Tom Woodruff Jr., and Brian Yuzna,. Directed by David A. Weiner.

A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE; Also available on Shudder Canada and Shudder UK!

What Else is On?

Your region may vary, but we have you covered with Shudder’s releases for the US, Canada, and UK.

Any favorite’s this month? Let us know in the comments!

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