Tonight’s the night. 

So the first episode of Dexter began. And so the last review of our series ends. Tonight is the night, though. The first episode of Dexter, New Blood, airs tonight on Showtime at 9:00.

This means it’s the perfect time to talk about Dexter S8, E12. Remember The Monsters.

Dexter thinks he’s getting away from Miami with Hannah. They’re at the airport, ready to go. But they’re held up by Deb’s boss, Elway. He wants to catch Hannah for the reward. Dexter manages to get them out of the airport safely by leaving a suspicious bag out for security to find. 

Well done.

Deb was rushed to the hospital after being shot by Daniel. She seems to be on the mend and tells everyone not to call Dexter. But, of course, Angel calls him. How could he not?

Deb tells Dexter he should still go. He has a chance to be happy. And I think she believed that. She saw Dexter master his impulse to kill Daniel. She believes he can change, especially if he gets the hell out of Miami.

But things start going downhill from there.

Remember in the last review when I said it would be a really stupid idea to kill off everyone’s favorite character? Yeah, so Deb isn’t recovering as well as we hoped she was. A blood clot leaves her brain dead.

While I hated this, and I mean hated it, I also understood that it needed to happen. Because it forces Dexter to come to terms with something he’s been struggling with for years.

He is capable of love. He loves Deb, loves Harrison. He loves Hannah. And that love brings nothing but pain. And so he makes a series of rash decisions quickly.

The first is to kill Daniel. And he does so in a way that is startling, satisfying, and really, just fantastic. This is probably one of my top five favorite kills of all time. And he did it with cameras rolling in the holding cell.

That taken care of, Dexter realizes he can’t go to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison. And so he does the only thing that makes sense to him. He takes Deb off of life support and takes her for a boat ride into the middle of the hurricane. For all of his friends and family, it seems like he’s lost at sea.

Of course, he’s not. And that’s about all we know about his life at the end of this episode.

He is alive and alone.

And that’s the end of Dexter. It’s been one hell of a journey. It was funny, sad, well written. That ending is a little easier to handle when I know we have a more satisfying one coming. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of Dexter. And I hope you’ll be joining me tonight on Twitter to watch the first episode of New Blood. See you then. 

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