One genre I am interested in exploring further is Social Media horror. This is something that is of course fairly recent in the horror world. I’m still researching it, so I do not have a lot to say about it this week. It did inspire this Weekly Wail, though.

I figured I would find some interesting posts across Instagram and Tumblr and share them. Perhaps you’ll find a new account to follow. It won’t be all horror memes this week but it totally could.

World of Horror

I love discovering new things through Tweets by the horror community. Thanks to this post I was able to learn about a Junji Ito-inspired RPG available on Steam called World of Horror. It looks absolutely fantastic and odd. It is definitely in my wheelhouse and on my “to-buy” list.

Monsters Holding Bitches

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One of my all-time favorite Instagram accounts is Monsters Holding Bitches, an account that posts pictures of women and monsters. Most of the time, monsters are holding said-bitches.

It’s a pretty funny Instagram account that posts some oddball stuff and has some top-notch horror memes, like this Swamp Thing meme. Then again, I do have an interest in Swamp Thing in general. Pandering to me is one way to get my attention.

Standard Joe Bob Briggs Update

Nothing major, but given my interest in The Last Drive-In, of course, I follow Joe Bob and Darcy. I adore their Twitter shenanigans. I appreciate that Joe Bob isn’t saying something snarky about Funko Pops, though I expect he probably finds them ridiculous.

His enthusiasm for Smokey and the Bandit is just fun to see.

Horror Collectors

For the most part, I find the Instagram experience hollow but something about seeing Instagram posts of horror collections always seems a-ok with me. Check out some of these posts depicting some horror collections and enjoy the a e s t h e t i c.

I particularly love that Creature from the Black Lagoon collection.

Historic Pictures

Film Twitter and Horror Twitter are like πŸ€œπŸ€› sometimes. Documentation of the lives of Hollywood figures is far more plentiful than a lot of authors in the 1900s, particularly with horror. I have my theories on this, but that’s for another time.

What is love though is just seeing goofy pictures like the one posted by Dr. Giallo (who of course had me at “Giallo”). That is a lot of amazing star power in that photo and it’s fun to see such icons as normal people goofing around.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Wail, though. Did you enjoy the social media discoveries this week? Would you like to see more of this content in future Weekly Wails? Please let us know in the comments!

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