The Danish video game developer PlayDead released its first creation Limbo in 2010. Limbo is a platforming puzzle game filmed in black, white and grays. It follows the journey of a little boy who suddenly awakes in the middle of a forest and finds himself on an ambiguous journey. In 2016, PlayDead released Inside, a puzzle platformer that’s extraordinary in every sense of the word.

The Story


Our nameless protagonist is introduced when he falls onscreen from a forested cliff. It’s unclear where he’s been or where he’s headed, but it’s our mission to protect him. As the game goes on, it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems. Something sinister is happening in this world and just when you think you figured it out, even more unanswerable questions arise.

Quiet Suspense

Inside is not technically a horror game, but it has an array of horror elements that are cosmic, suspenseful, and monstrous. There are otherworldly creatures, violent deaths, gruesome acts against humanity. To live Inside is to live a terrifying, apocalyptic existence. PlayDead’s dedication to minute details are omnipresent throughout the game. Background characters, gradual weather and time lapses, music, and scenery add to the suspense.

Additionally, sound and light are key components to playing this dialogue-free game. Even the most difficult puzzles will be solved if you pay close attention to the changes in music, light, and sounds. Bonus prizes are thrown in the mix, but they can be easily missed by even the most nuanced player. Luckily, if you look at the game’s rewards menu, PlayDead provides subtle hints for where these bonus prizes are hiding.



There is so much to love about Inside. From the story and characters to the shocking ending, every aspect of the game’s design is phenomenal. On average, it takes about four hours to complete, but that doesn’t mean you should rush through it. Play at your own pace, take a chance to smell the flowers (and corpses). Give yourself the time to bask in the beauty and tragedy that is Inside.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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