Dare I say that Dexter is Delicious was a rather tasty installment of the Dexter novel series?

No, that was terrible. I’ll see myself out.

Published again by Doubleday, the story starts with Dexter mooning over the newest member of his family, a perfect little newborn girl named Lilly Ann. 

Fatherhood seems to have taken over Dexter. He wants nothing more than to play with his baby. He even finds that he no longer wants to listen to the Dark Passenger. 

For the first time, Dexter feels like his family is more than just a smokescreen for him to hide his darkly demented side behind. Could he maybe be ready to be a man, not a monster?

Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

No, probably not.

Soon enough he’s pulled into a new case with Deborah. Two teenage girls have gone missing. And in Dexter’s new daddy mentality, he actually cares.

Just a little bit. 

Soon enough, though, we find that the girls haven’t been kidnapped. They’ve run off with a cult of cannibals as willing dinner participants. And while Dexter finds one of the girls early on, she has no intention of coming with him. It’s her dream to be eaten, you see. And trying to get her free might just end up with both Dexter and Deb on the dinner table. 

While Dexter’s dealing with crazy cannibals on the job, he’s less than thrilled to find a relative who has come to visit. His brother, Brian. He’s taken to visiting the house and getting invited by Rita to stay for supper. He showers the kids with attention and expensive gifts. And behaves as though all he wants is to be part of this cozy little family.

I don’t trust it any more than Dexter does. All I could think of was all the awful things he might do to the kids. It just doesn’t make sense that a monster like Brian would want to play uncle. But then, it doesn’t make sense that a monster like Dexter would want to play daddy. 

Dexter is Delicious was as charming and as well written as any of the others in the series so far. I was tense the whole time, waiting for Brian to do something unspeakable. Waiting for Dexter to be caught by the cannibals. Waiting for the worst to happen. And the great thing about this series is, the worst really could happen at any moment. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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