Dexter in The Dark is the third of the Dexter series, written by Jeff Lindsay and published by Doubleday Books. It’s a book that asks the question, why are serial killers the way they are, and can it go away?

Dexter’s Dark Passenger has been with him his whole life. Ever since the unfortunate and bloody death of his mother. And while he’s spent plenty of time learning to control it and work with it, he’s never considered where it might come from. He’s certainly never thought that maybe he’d lose it one day. 

But that’s exactly what happens here. The Dark Passenger decides to take an extended holiday. Worse, it seems to be frightened off by something darker than itself. Something that is now hunting Dexter.

Not only is Dexter being hunted, but he’s also without his best crime-fighting tool. And so when Deb’s up against a rough case at work, he’s unable to be of much help. This is a shame because these kills are something else. It’s almost as though they’re committed by entirely different people. People who know nothing of the murders later. Or even know why they would have committed such an act. It’s almost as though it wasn’t them in charge of their body.

Dexter In The Dark by Jeff Lindsay.

I’m not used to any Dexter content turning supernatural, but that’s exactly what this one does. We might explain away Dexter personifying his Dark Passenger. We might even waive off the fact that he can see the Darke Passengers of others. These could easily be symptoms of his psychosis.

But it’s not as easy to explain how Cody can see Dexter’s Dark Passenger. Or as he calls it, his shadow guy. It doesn’t explain how Cody can feel the larger dark shadow watching over them, Dex can feel it too. 

Dexter in The Dark put a whole new foundation under the world of this character. Can Dex be to blame if he’s inhabited by a dark shadow creature he never asked for? Or is the fact that he wants desperately to get it back once it’s gone invalidate any saving grace this might have given him? I think it’s a little of both. One way or another, though, it was a lot of fun to consider Dexter in The Dark.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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