Killer Queens, do you remember last episode, when I said things were going too well? I was right. Of course, I don’t get a lot of points for that. This is American Horror Story, after all. Things are going to go from bad to worse to the monster isn’t really dead. 

In this case, the monster is Briarcliff. And it doesn’t matter that Sister Mary is dead. It doesn’t matter that Dr. Arden is dead, or that Bloody Face is dead. Briarcliff is still there. And it has far more horrors waiting for us.

We’ll start with Kit, Grace, and Alma. For a few years, it looks like they’re going to be okay. They have a polygamous relationship going on. Grace and Alma are raising the kids together. Kit spends equal married time with both of them in the same house. Everyone seems happy.

Well, except that neither woman has gotten over being abducted. It is the sort of thing that’s hard to shake off, after all. One thing leads to another leads to an ax in the back of someone’s head.

And this leads us right back to Briarcliff, where Judd remains. She seems strangely happy. She’s all but running the place, controlling the patients with kindness and strange new rules for Candyland. And Montsenior, who I’d like to see die horribly, tells her that he’s going to get her out.

Do you know how you can tell if he’s lying? His mouth’s moving.

Things are getting worse at Briarcliff. The church has sold the space to the state, who’s using it to house overflow inmates from a women’s prison. One of which is just the spitting image of Death. 

Judd is convinced that Death is there for her. But, here’s the thing. Judd’s been in an asylum for a long time. And a lot of people say someone can’t spend that much time in a madhouse without going mad yourself. Judd’s losing track of time, of herself. She is, overall, lost.

Lana is doing fine, though. She’s sold a book, working on another. Neither of them is talking that much about Briarcliff, though. She hasn’t done a damned thing about shutting the place down. And she made a promise to do that. Kit comes to see her, to remind her of her promise. He tells her that Judd is still in there.

But Lana doesn’t care. She says that Judd deserves to be in there, and she may have a point. But Lana abandoned more than just Judd. She abandoned all of the people trapped in Briarcliff, forgotten and left to drown in the curdled milk and curdled brains that society left them with. She’s moved on, built herself a good life. She’s stepped away from her past.

That’s the thing about the past, though. It doesn’t let go of us just because we let go of it. And the past may find Lana eventually. 

Or, you know, next episode.

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