If you’re not watching along with me, now is the time to start. Dexter comes back in November.

In this episode, we explore just how much Dexter hasn’t healed from the loss of his family. He hasn’t gotten over Rita. He hasn’t gotten over Astor and Cody leaving to live with their grandparents. As much as he tries to act like everything is alright, it’s not. 

We start with him packing up the house that he shared with Rita. They had so little time there, it’s heartbreaking. It seems like he’s going to be back in his old apartment with Harrison. Well, and Deb. 

Not that she’s around much recently. She’s been staying at Quinn’s place. Well, she’s at least been sleeping at Quinn’s place. As she points out, she doesn’t have even a toothbrush there. But still, there’s an attachment growing. Which is probably not good for Quinn’s health. I mean, he’s already looking into Dex. So we know he can’t be alive for long anyway. But toss in that he’s romantically interested in Deb, who has Icarus’s own luck with relationships? Nope, dead man walking.

But Dexter is trying to get his life in order. He’s trying to compartmentalize his life. His work, his family, his dark passenger. He figures that he can keep everything in order if he just keeps these things separate. But he realizes that this isn’t how the world works. Yes, we all have different parts of our lives. But they don’t stay separate. They blend like a microwave dinner. The peas get into everything and the dessert always tastes like gravy.

While Dexter’s trying to kill a man who lures unsuspecting men to their doom, he gets a call from Lumen. She’s shot a man who she suspects was one of the ones who raped her. And now she has no idea what to do about it.

Dexter comes to help, and we are treated to a hilarious and creepy scene. By the time he shows up, with his drugged playmate in the trunk of his car, Lumen’s victim has vanished. 

So, Dexter has to use his blood splatter knowledge to help find this guy. As he’s trying to do that, he and Lumen are bickering like a father and daughter. 

Some serious papa bear vibes are coming from Dexter in this episode. He says he wants to protect himself, that if Lumen goes down he’ll go down. But I think it’s more than that. I think he misses Astor. And he’s transferring those paternal feelings onto Lumen.

But of course, if a situation is bad it can still get worse. As he and Lumen are finding the shot man, Deb arrives on the scene because someone reported hearing shots fired. Then, of course, the man in the trunk wakes up.

How Dexter gets out of this is, as always, funny and clever. But he can’t deal with Lumen so easily. And he can’t put his grief at losing Rita away in a box like the pictures and clothes he’s packing away. 

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