In this episode, Dexter thinks he might have stumbled upon a classic serial killer. He might have found the Tooth Fairy. 

No, this isn’t the same guy from Hannibal. 

I feel like every show has to have one episode where the main character meets a future version of themselves. You’ve all seen this sort of thing. It’s some grizzly old girl or guy who does whatever it is our MC does. And they serve as a dark portent of things to come. Dexter finds this while he’s hunting an old man who may be a serial killer he studied as a child. If this hadn’t started with a dead woman by the docks, I’d say why bother. He seems like just a grumpy old guy who’s willing to take advantage of a friendly stranger willing to drive him on errands. 

But there is, of course, that freshly dead body. 

Meanwhile, there’s trouble brewing at the precinct. Masuka has an intern that is maybe a little too into her work. She certainly seems into Masuka. And I don’t want to say that’s a red flag, but it kind of is. This becomes apparent when she steals evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case. We don’t know yet if she’s planning to try and throw the case or if she’s just a serial killer fan girl. Either way, I worry that this path only ends in Masuka getting heartbroken. And yes, he’s a hornball. But he’s not a bad guy.

Worse, it’s Deb who’s going to have to deal with it. She’s the new captain and having all the sorts of issues you’d expect a young captain newly in charge to have. Namely, people aren’t taking her seriously.

Maria is trying to backseat manage. She’s telling Deb who to hire, how to run her investigations. Of course, all of this is wrapped in a misleading gauze of sorority bonding. 

The thing that’s getting me is that this is all a smokescreen. It’s all just distraction from the Cult of Two who are still making their plans.

Their plans are about to take center stage, though. This episode ends with horses running through the street. Their riders are horrific combinations of human bodies and mannequin parts.

I have to imagine that will get Dexter’s attention. 

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