Shudder is banking on people liking this Joe Bob Briggs guy. The “Halloween Hootenanny” airs tonight, but Shudder has already announced a Christmas Marathon called “Joe Bob’s Red Christmas” as part of the popular marathon series.

It started with a simple announcement on Joe Bob Brigg’s official Twitter account, and that is about all the information we have so far.

What we do know is that we’ll be gathering at the Drive-In on Friday the 13th, this December, to watch crazy movies. While there have been no announcements of what the movies will be for this marathon, the mention of the Black Christmas-reboot is interesting.

Shudder does, in fact, have the streaming rights to the original 1974 Black Christmas, with Margo Kidder. This could be pretty telling…

There was “A Very Joe Bob Xmas” last year. It’s good to see that tradition continue. The last marathon famously tackled the majority of the Phantasm series.

So, that is where Shudder users and Drive-In Mutants stand right now. No announcement of when Season 2 of The Last Drive-In will start streaming, but we’re lucky to have two marathons within three months of each other. Keep in mind that Joe Bob is still touring as well.

Of course, Joe Bob says he won’t wear the Santa hat, but we’re positive Darcy will make sure he does.

The Drive-In Will Never Die

On that note, please make sure you are following Haunted MTL on Twitter! Tonight I am taking over the account to livetweet the “Halloween Hootenanny,” just like I tweeted during the first season on my own Twitter account. This is our first social media event, and I encourage all of you to join in the fun.

As expected, we will continue to cover all the fun at the Drive-In as long as Shudder is kind enough to keep this crazy fun going.

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