Dexter is a man in need of a nap. He needs some serious self-care and rest. One would think that a car crash that he was lucky to survive would be the wake-up call he needed to take a day off and rest.

But that’s not the case. Because why would it be that easy? And, as is so often the case, when we need rest the most is often when we can least afford to take it. See, Dexter had just finished up with a kill before his little accident. And now there’s a freshly dead body that is conspicuous only by its absence. 

After being told by a doctor that he has a concussion, Dexter sneaks out of the hospital, lying to Rita about the extent of the crash. He heads into work, thinking he’s going to find the body of Benny still in the trunk of his wrecked car. But all he finds there are his kill tools. Is it possible that the body never made its way into the car at all?

Before he can find out, he’s called to the latest crime scene of the Vacation Murderer. A killer who’s been killing tourists and robbing them. This is bad for Miami’s business, so it’s got the mayor’s attention. And so Maria has everyone working overtime to find the killer.

No one but Lundy realizes that there’s a much worse killer lurking around. Stalking his prey in the bright sunlight, no one the wiser. The Trinity Killer is happily going about his bloody business, while no one but Deb is trying to find him. And even she doesn’t know what she’s looking for. Like the blind men in the parable, she thinks she’s holding a snake while what she’s got in her hands is an elephant’s trunk.

Lundy knows this. And he’s getting Deb’s head all turned around, paying attention to her when what he cares about is this case. And Deb, for once, is fiercely protecting herself from this. She loves Anton, and she is scared to death that she’s going to do something to mess that relationship up. Given her track record, it’s hard to blame her for being worried.

A lot’s going on right now, and it doesn’t look like any of the stress is going away for Dexter anytime soon. But what has me tense is wondering how long it will be before Dexter and the Trinity Killer meet. They’re sure to have lots to talk about.

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