Dexter finds himself drawing closer and closer to Lumen in this episode. He’s making sure she’s eating. He even invited her to stay in the house. 

He’s all but adopted her. Which is highly concerning.

Lumen tells him that she knows at least two of the men still alive. One she identifies as Watch Guy. He would hold his watch next to her ear, and tell her to listen to the ticks. The other she calls Suit and Tie. He’s the only one she knows the face of, because he would remove her blindfold, then carefully fold up his suit coat and sets it aside.

Of course, we cut to a scene where a man in a suit carefully folds up his suit coat and puts it in the cab of his truck. His truck that, by the way, men are loading the barrels that contain the remains of Lumen’s fellow victims.

He’s moving them because he knows now that Lumen is alive. But a twist of fate (and a drunk driver) leads the barrels to be strewn all over the road.

Dexter is pleased because this means the men they’re chasing are scared. Lumen’s happy about it too.

Neither of them should be because it’s going to lead Quinn right to Dexter.

Quinn’s been far too busy. He’s got a dirty cop looking into Dexter. And he found out about Lumen. Lumen, of course, fits the description of the barrel deaths exactly. It’s not going to be long until Quinn makes that connection. That is if he can get his mind off Deb long enough to do it.

Speaking of Deb, she’s super cop this episode. The police are running a sting at a nightclub, looking for the Fuentes brothers. The pressure is on to close this case. So Maria decides to head up the sting herself.

But things go wrong right away. The Fuentes brothers are already at the club. Rather than wait for them to leave, Maria tells Officer Cira to go cozy up to them. Deb tells her not to because it’s too dangerous. But Maria overrides her.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, things go sideways pretty fast. Deb has a real badass moment in the resulting chaos. 

If the past is any indication, she’s not going to get the credit she deserves. 

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