I honestly think this episode almost made Rita take a turn with the butcher knife. If she did, I’m not sure anyone would blame her. 

Let’s start with her meeting Dexter’s new sponsor, Lila. Lila, who is hitting on Dexter. Lila, who’s crazy as hell. She steals things like wind chimes and little pedestals. But that fun kind of crazy that some guys can’t resist. The fact that she pulled her top off in front of Dexter probably didn’t help.

With sexy crazy hanging around Dexter, after Rita pushed him to get a sponsor no less, she’s not a happy camper. Then, her estranged mother comes into town. Either one of these situations alone would make anyone a little crazy. Together, they’re a recipe for a breakdown that includes fire and sharp objects.

While Rita’s dealing with that, Dexter’s so busy with his issues that he hardly notices. He’s got his life’s work laid out in front of him, on slabs in a refrigerated tent. All his friends at the station are looking into the Bay Harbor Butcher. You know, him. He’s trying to not attract any attention. At the same time, he needs to sabotage the investigation.


Meanwhile, the whole team is realizing something about the Butcher’s victims. They’re all killers. Well, we knew that, but they didn’t. As that news travels, the response of the public shifts. Suddenly people don’t care so much that trash bags full of body parts were pulled up from the depths of the ocean. All bodies belonged to bad guys. They killed people, raped children. The world’s better off without them.

I get the feeling that this season’s going to ask the audience to look at themselves. Maybe do some soul searching. Because we kind of want to cheer Dexter on, don’t we? Look at who he kills. 

A man who murdered children in his church choir.

A used car salesman who raped and killed women in their own home. 

A couple who drowned immigrants when their families couldn’t pay an exorbitant fee. 

No one lit a candle to remember those people. Well, except maybe their families who didn’t know their dark secrets. 

In theory, we probably don’t care. But we’re watching this from the point of view of fiction. How many of us would cheer Dexter on if he was real?

Don’t all raise your hand at once. 

I cannot wait to see how this season plays out. 

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