You know when you’re hiding something from everyone in your life, and then they find out about it? Yeah, Dexter doesn’t like it either. 

Lumen is at the house alone, doing research. But she’s interrupted by someone breaking into the house. 

Well, they weren’t breaking in. They had a key. And it wasn’t just someone. It was Astor and her new friend. Oh, and a bottle or two of booze.

Astor isn’t thrilled to meet Lumen. She jumps to all sorts of conclusions about Lumen and Dexter’s relationship. Then she throws up in the bathroom. 

With Astor around, it’s even harder for Dexter to stalk Jason. He schedules a couple of personal sessions with him, which mostly involve running on a treadmill. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to bear anything worthwhile, except helping Dex get running time in. Until he sees a vile of blood that Jason wears as a necklace. He sets out to get a bit of that blood to test it. Hopefully, it will lead him to more information about Jason to help take him down.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s got himself into a world of trouble. He hired Linny to investigate Dexter, and Linny’s done a good job. Too good of a job. Now, through a mixture of guilt and the growing feelings he has for Deb, Quinn wants to call the whole thing off. But that’s not going to be as easy as he might think. Linny doesn’t intend to be brushed aside so easily. 

But everyone’s lives are brought into focus when Astor and her friend go missing. A white panel van was seen near the house, with a strange man inside. 

I’m really glad Astor and Cody haven’t vanished from the show altogether. It’s good to see Dexter in a paternal role still. It adds a dimension to his character that I don’t think the show would be as compelling without.

I also think that their presence in his life is helping him realize what I’ve been saying all along. When Astor vanishes, he doesn’t miss a beat. He spills all about how he’s been meeting with Jason in private sessions to the cops. Because he loves her more than he needs to kill Jason. 

He loves her, something true sociopaths aren’t capable of. 

Too bad no one noticed that when he was a kid. 

It’s also too bad that Lumen’s so quick to answer the phone. And that she was the only one home when Jason called the house. 

Tick tick tick. 

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