This is Dexter S8 E10. This means there are just two more episodes of the original series after this. Which is, you know, crazy.

The whole episode is kind of crazy.

Dexter is ready to leave Miami with Harrison and Hannah. They’re going to Argentina to start a new life together, as a family. 

Of course, there are so many details to worry about when moving. He’s got to sell his apartment, his boat. He’s got to resign from his job, and take Harrison out of school. And of course, he has to finish stalking and killing Daniel. 

Dr. Vogel’s not thrilled with this idea, of course. She loves her son and doesn’t want Dexter to kill him. She pushes Dexter to leave the country, trying to keep both of her sons alive.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s time is growing short. A marshall is tailing her. He even comes to speak with Deb, never knowing that his prey is mere feet away, hiding in Deb’s house. She’s doing a great job being a mother. Looking after Harrison and housekeeping. Then Harrison, being a child, falls on the treadmill and cuts his chin. 

Hannah takes Harrison to the emergency room for stitches. This is kind and all, but it probably could have waited until Deb or Dex got home. It was a sweet, maternal moment, though. She put the well being of Harrison in front of her own. 

Of course, she’s recognized by one of the nurses who turns her in. 

Of course, things can never be easy. 

Dexter’s working hard to tie up his loose ends. He tries getting Dr. Vogel to lure Daniel somewhere Dex can get to him easily. But, blinded by her maternal guilt, she allows him to come to her home. And Daniel, feeling slighted, lashes out. 

It’s sibling rivalry at its worse. Daniel just wanted Dr. Vogel to teach him the code, like Dexter. But poor Dr. Vogel never gets the chance.

Not that I think it would have done much. The only reason the code worked was that Dexter was young and had unquestioning love for Harry. Daniel loves nothing.

There are just two episodes left. I can’t believe the journey we’ve been going on together is almost at its end. There will be tears, I’m sure. And there will be blood.

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