This was an exciting episode of Dexter. Not so much because there was a lot of blood. There wasn’t really. But because Dexter and the Trinity Killer met face to face. 

But Dexter isn’t planning to kill him. At least not yet. He for sure wants to kill Trinity, if for no other reason but that he nearly killed Deb. But not yet. Instead, he needs to ask him for advice.

See Trinity, or Aurthur has a happy wife and family. And Dexter’s wife is a little less than happy with him right now. What with the lying about his apartment and all. Dexter wants to study Aurthur, figure out how he’s managed to keep a family and his dark passenger happy.

So far as Dexter can tell, Aurthur does it by hiding in plain sight. Maybe it’s something he can try out.

Meanwhile, Deb’s taking up Lundy’s hunt for the Trinity Killer. She’s pretty sure that it’s Nikki, the girlfriend of the Vacation Murderer. Deb proves what a not-great cop she is yet again by assaulting Nikki in her cell. Then she starts to wonder if anyone will question her if she just says that she saw Nikki there when Lundy got shot.

Who would question the word of a detective, right?

Deb and Dexter are working on the same case from different angles, Deb just doesn’t know it. And Dexter is starting to get worried that Deb’s going to land on Trinity’s radar. Of course, he doesn’t seem to mind at all ending up there himself. Showing up at his church, volunteering to help build houses for the homeless. Even coming into his house and messing with the ashes of Aurthur’s dead sister. 

Trinity is a pretty smart guy. He has to think it’s a little strange, someone showing up at his house and opening what is obviously an urn. Maybe that’s why he gives Dexter the hammer he used to kill his last victim. It’s just one more thing for Dexter to keep in his little shed, hiding in plain sight with his family around him. 

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