This episode of Double Feature clocked in at one of the shortest episodes of AHS ever. After seeing it, I think it would have been a normal episode length if Belle hadn’t spat out her lines like a telemarketer trying to hook you before you hang up on them.

Aside from that, the length of the episode worked to its advantage. Let’s discuss.

We start with a committee meeting, which is certainly a scary place for me to contemplate being. This committee is straight-up evil. They berate a woman for wanting to paint her shutters a different shade of white. Oh, and they’ve also been covering up the murders of the Creatives. For no other reason but to encourage people to vacation in P-town.

Bella is told to clear up this mess. She does this by sneaking into the house and kidnapping the baby, Eli. 

Of course, Ursula has a plan. She turns the Pill People against the Creatives. And she, sadly, gets everything she wants. At least for now. 

One complaint I’ve had about American Horror Story is the last episode of most seasons. They tend to be anticlimactic. They have a few loose ends to tie up, but there’s not much there beyond that. 

This season it seems that the creators were given free rein of run times. Gaslight was killer long, and it needed to be. It was an emotional horror story, told with excruciatingly drawn-out detail. And it would not, could not have been as tortuously rich as it was without that great swarth of time. This episode, though, was short and scary. There is no happy ending here. The big bads got away to cause even more nightmares. We finish with a horror scene of LA being ripped apart by Pill People and a voiceover from a true psychopath. And we don’t waste any time getting there.

I’m glad this isn’t the end of the season. From what I understand, part two will have ties to part one, as well as previous AHS seasons. I’m excited to see what it has in store for us. 

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