Well, Killer Queens, it’s not a season of American Horror Story until we’ve jumped around in the storyline a little.

This episode of Double Feature is the origin story of the little black pills. It tells first of The Chemist coming into town and finding Micky in a bar. She lures him back to her place and tells him about the pills.

In her defense, she doesn’t lie to him. She tells him that the pills might turn you into a genius, or a monster. And she offers him $50 for every customer he can bring her. 

Micky won’t take the pills himself. But he brings her plenty of customers.

One of those customers is a far different Belle than the one we know and fear. She’s a self-published author who isn’t exactly packing people into her readings.

She’s a mess. Her husband is a brutal douchebag. Offensive about her work, her clothes. He hates her, and all she can do is cry after him, begging him to love her. 

It’s such a relief when she cuts his throat with a wine bottle. She also, by the way, wrote an amazing book in just one night.

We get to see Belle transform over a series of years. As her confidence grows, she writes more best sellers. She changes how she looks, how she carries herself. She meets Lark and has her teeth filed down.

Finally, she goes to drag night at the bar. Where she sees Austin performing. To be clear, she sees him performing badly. Something in him must have aroused pity in her because she introduces him to the pills.

Of course, if it were all happy stories it wouldn’t be the same. Micky also gave the pills to a singer. One who wasn’t so talented. He didn’t have as good of an effect. His hair starts falling out. He starts having terrible withdrawal symptoms. He goes to The Chemist, begging for her help. 

But she’s very clear. This reaction is not unexpected. She has no way to reverse it, nor does she care to. And he shouldn’t look to her for help. He should only look for her to send him company. 

The pills are quite popular. 

I’m excited to get back to our main cast next week. But I enjoyed this chance to see exactly what made Belle, the bell of the ball.

Or in this case, the buffet.

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