I’m struggling with this story, Killer Queens, I really am. Not because it’s freaking me out. Far from it. I just don’t care.

We start with Ike in the past. He’s coming to terms with the aliens and their requests. It’s pretty simple. The aliens will give us amazing technological gifts if we allow them to abduct a certain number of us every year.

Ike is forced to sign the agreement or watch his wife die in front of him. 

Later, when she cheats on him with an alien, maybe he doesn’t care so much. 

The story jumps all over from here. We see Marilyn Monroe murdered for trying to reveal the truth. We see Ike shepherding President Johnson as he learns about Area 51. We see Nixon threaten Kennedy to shut up. 

Then we’re back in the present, where Troy is about to have his baby. Our answer as to how this was coming out of him was finally answered. Thankfully, it involved a C-section.

The creature that comes out is cute. Troy asks them to give the baby to him. In one of the better moments of the episode, he whispers “I think it needs me.”

And for a moment, we believe the baby does. 

Then the aliens kill the newborn, and it’s past all want.

Troy mourns the death of his baby. And so Calico, the first incubator, tells them her story. 

She’s been in the program for decades and doesn’t seem to have aged. She’s had so many babies taken from her, she claims to not care anymore. But it’s clear from the way she speaks that it hurts her. 

It’s just that it’s easier to pretend she’s fine. 

The episode ends with Cal going into labor. Troy, determined that they won’t lose this baby, hides him on the stage the moon landing was faked on. He cuts Troy’s belly open and reaches inside to retrieve the child in secret. 

Don’t do that, by the way. That’s how you get an internal infection and die, folks. But I don’t think Troy’s going to live long enough for that to be a problem.

I’m not loving this story. Part one of Double Feature was great. It was dark and funny and sad and compelling. Part two is just so fractured. I’m not with any of the characters long enough to give a damn. And with just one episode left, I’m worried that’s not going to change.

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