We all have certain rules in our lives. Some are small and of low consequence. No no consequence of course, because then the rule wouldn’t have to exist at all. But other rules are big, consequential. Rules that go to the roots of who we are and the principles we value.

Dexter has these rules for himself. He spent his entire childhood having these rules drilled into him. The Code of Harry. And most of his problems come from breaking that damn code.

After helping Dexter with a kill, Miguel thinks he’s ready to be more hands-on. He has a target, a gambling junkie who kills people to pay off his bookie. And he wants to kill the guy himself.

Dexter’s worried about this. He’s got Harry in his head, telling him over and over that it’s a bad idea. But Dexter’s rebelling against him right now. 

Despite that, he still wants to abide by the rules. They’re there to keep him safe, him and his family. But Miguel doesn’t think much of the rules. And, like a teenage friend at a sleepover, keeps pushing and pushing Dexter to ignore the rules as well. 

While Dexter’s struggling with peer pressure, Deb’s having issues of her own. And honestly, most of Deb’s problems are her own making. She’s trapped between Quinn and the IA agent, unsure who’s telling the truth.

Well, that’s not accurate. Deb seems convinced that whoever is in front of her right now is telling the truth. The IA lady tells her that Quinn’s a bad cop. Quinn tells her he slept with her. IA lady says he got a cop killed. And back and forth we go, with Deb managing to do nothing more than piss everyone off. Everyone except Anton. Until he goes missing, of course. Deb’s another one who needs to remember that rules are there for a reason. And rules about who cops can’t date are there to keep people safe.

Our rules are there for a reason. So when we’re tempted, we can hold to them. Because when we don’t, we end up doing things we regret. If we’re very lucky, we’re the only ones that regret them.

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