Episode three of this season was probably my favorite so far. Though this could be because I’m a big fan of Lovecraft and octopuses. (Yes, I looked it up, that’s the right way to say that.)

This episode dealt with the third Eldridge Terror, The Weird. This Terror needs a body to inhabit. And the body it wants is Sabrina’s.

She starts turning into a squid, human hybrid. Cousin Ambrose pulls a horrifying squid out of her by pulling all of the water out of her body. If that seems too easy to you, you’re right. Sabrina is haunted by mind-controlling nightmares of The Weird, and its desire to connect with her.

At one point, The Weird tells her, “We chose you because you are the strongest and the weakest.” That feels like a great explanation of her character. Yes, she’s powerful. Like, way more powerful than she should be. But she’s also a flighty selfish teenager. So this line is perfect for her.

While that’s going on, we’re treated to the biggest nontwist ever. Caliban, after marrying Sabrina Morningstar, is trying to get the throne for himself. He starts by picking off the two people in line he thinks are the weakest; Lilith and her unborn baby. He casts a spell on her, hoping to make her miscarry.

Instead, she goes into early labor. And for once shows some intelligence. She runs right to the Greendale witches for help. And they do. It’s been long established that Aunt Zelda is a skilled midwife. She brings the whole coven together to save the baby boy. And it is badass. That emergency birth scene was a great moment of sisterhood and women supporting women. Sort of wish it hadn’t come the fuck out of nowhere. Like, just a little more build-up, maybe.

If you’ll recall, Zelda and Lilith didn’t leave things on good terms. I mean, I’m not sure how it gets worse than ‘I was going to worship you but now I’m not’. There was never any warmth between the two cold women, and there’s not any now. It just feels awkward, seeing Zelda pull her whole coven in to save someone she doesn’t care for.

 But damn, seeing all the witches gathering to protect the newborn child is freaking awesome. 

The atmosphere in this episode was subtle, which was new for this show. There are so many octopuses! Little tentacle figurines on the counter. Octopus cupcakes at the restaurant. Little octopus toys at Dr. Zee’s shop. Tiny, never drawn attention to, but all over the damned place. It was great fun playing spot the oct all episode. 

Sabrina, as usual, makes selfish decisions all episode. But at least trying to make a boyfriend out of wax is a more run of the mill witch lesson. Rather than almost destroying the world by being friends with her accidental time travel duo. And, for once, I think she might have learned from the experience. Let’s see if it sticks.